Sore hips - any advice please?

Hi ladies,

Over the past couple of weeks I have woken up with really sore hips through the night. It has got so much worse in the last week or so. I have tried sleeping with a pillow between my knees. This works for about half an hour or so and then I wake again, have to turn over and start again. If I stretch my legs or curl them up it only relieves the pain for a little while. I sleep on my side and do not want to get into the habit of sleeping on my back (which is more comfy for a while) as I've heard you shouldn't sleep on your back after 20 weeks so don't want to get used to it - midwife agreed with this the other day.

I am sleeping OK but I wake up with this half way through the night (this morning at 03:30) and then reguarly until the alarm goes off. I have got up a couple of times to walk and stretch them but it doesn't last for long.

The midwife says it just things stretching getting ready but she didn't offer much more advice apart from the pillow thing. I didn't think it would happen this early but she said it can :cry:

A couple of nights I've been nearly in tears as it's so painful. They are still sore for the first couple of hours after I get up although not as painful as when I'm lying on them. I think they pain eases as I walk - they are OK now (evening).

Has anyone else had this and has anyone who has had this problem got any advice please?

Thank you so much in advance.

13 weeks.


  • Hi,
    poor you..... I have been suffering with hip pain but only since my bump really started getting big! So I can sympathise... I'm 32 weeks now....

    all i'd say is i slept on my back (which is my my most comfy sleep position!) until about 24/25 weeks when my bump really started to get big and weighty.... then i started training myself to only sleep on my left hand side by putting a rolled up cushion behind me and then hubbie wedges himself up to that.... then another cushion between my legs and then a pillow to wedge under bump / curl up to.... The cushion is no where near as thick as a pillow though between my legs.... maybe you could try something a bit thinner as maybe a thick pillow is making things a bit more painful??

    but if you are in that much pain and you are at 13 weeks then i'd say go back to sleeping on your back maybe just for a little while as its not good to be in that much pain now and not sleeping now........ i know people who have slept on their back all the way through and have been fine.... I know you shouldnt tho after 20 or so weeks so i've been on my left hand side every night as i'm completely paranoid about making sure the baby is the right way round for birth (hence i'm over a bean bag on all fours every night for at least 30 mins!).... but people i know slept on their backs through and didnt have any problems....

    if thats not doing anything i think you can get these belts that are supposed to relive hip / pelvic pain... alternatively and this is an extreme measure - might it be worth looking at your mattress....?? Maybe its too hard or soft and thats contributing to your hip pain?

    hope it gets sorted for you...
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