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Things to know when you’re taking a home pregnancy test

I know trying for a baby can be hard enough, so the last thing you need is confusion over pregnancy tests. That’s why I’ve put this guide together to help anyone testing – I really hope it helps. 

When should I test?
Really, we should wait until we miss a period before testing, but early response tests mean loads of us are testing earlier and earlier.

Realistically, these tests won’t give an accurate result 6 days before a missed period as implantation can typically happen anywhere from 6 to 10 days past ovulation. So, the earliest you should test if you really can't help yourself is 10 days past ovulation but remember the longer you can hold off, the better. 

What test should I use?
There are so many different tests available: internet cheapies (those skinny thin ones you can get from the pound shop) to pricey ones like Clear Blue and First Response.The most important thing to remember is that all tests have a different level of sensitivity.

If you’re testing early you need to choose a test which needs a lower level of the HCG hormones. First Response are one of the most sensitive ones, but internet cheapie tests are also said to need low levels.

If you are testing early, DON’T use a digital test. These tests need a higher level of hormone and are best used after you have missed a period.

Pink dye or blue dye?
Sometimes blue dye tests can give coloured evap lines or are hard to read, especially if you’re taking pics of them to ask for opinions – I think that’s why pink dye tests seem to be more popular.

Pink dye tests are also easier to read when testing early, however if you can only get a blue dye, don't worry - a true positive on those can be equally as clear to read.

Make sure you always read the instructions as they vary from test-to-test. 
Some tests you hold while you are weeing in your urine stream, some you use by dipping them into a clean pot of your urine.
Using first morning urine is best as your urine is at its most concentrated. 

If you use too much urine you can flood the test, too little and you could get an invalid result.

Always wait the time stated on the instructions before reading the results. Don’t read the test after the stated time - throw it away and test again the next morning.

Is it positive or negative?
Hopefully you’ll get a clear positive. If you can’t see a second visible line, it’s likely negative.

If you see what you think is a faint line and are posting photos for advice, use the photo exactly as you take it: you shouldn’t need to edit or add a filter to see a true positive. 
If you’re not sure of the result, try and hold off at least 48 hours before retesting. I know it’s hard!

If you see two lines, does the second line have colour to it and is it the same thickness as the control line, cause that’s what you want. 
If it has no colour, or has colour but is skinny and off centre it could be an evaporation line.

If you see two clearly coloured lines that are the same thickness congratulations you are pregnant! 
And don’t worry if the second line looks a bit faint, esp if testing early. Remember: pregnancy hormone levels double approximately every 48 hours, however if you do choose to test again, the second line should get darker as levels progress.

I really hope this helps those of you testing, and good luck! And if you’ve got any questions please just ask me.



  • I think u nailed it. I would add don't take pregnancy tests apart. sooo not meant to do that and u shouldn't need too either. 

    and stop testing like 7 days past ov. 

  • Can you help Me please I’m confused

    i took a clearblue pregnancy test early detection which is 10miu/ml on 25th may And 26 th may both very faint blue lines, I use the sainsburys brand test and £1 shop strips tests today which are 20 and 25miu/ml and they are negative? It’s been 4/5 days since I tested with clearblue, i was on the mini pill and stopped over a week ago, as I think I might be pregnant but no withdrawal bleed either. Surely if I was pregnant is would of showed by now as I thought hcg doubles every 2 days ? 

  • imagephoto if the test 

  • @Nini19 my Clearblue result Looks exactly like yours - v faint, but I’m steadying to think I’m seeing things. AF not due for 4 days, goin outta my mind here!!

  • Hey all, 

    I'm due my AF 3rd June, but on 27th may I took a test as I felt like I had an awful hangover and had only had 2 small drinks the night before... the test confirmed I am pregnant but lines were very faint so on the 29th I took a clearblue digital weeks test as I thought this will definitely confirm if I am or not and this said I am 2-3 weeks which on the leaflet indicates 4-5 weeks. I've used the clearblue before when I had missed a period and 1st week showed 1-2, 2nd missed week showed 2-3 then 3rd week missed showed 3+. So now I don't know how far I am now , can anyone help? Thanks Stef xximageimage

  • Nini if you just stopped the pill, it can take a while for your body to adjust, like a few months, so i think start tracking your periods (use an app like Ovia or Flo) and you'll get to know things a bit better. 

    steffy i'm sorry hon i don't know the answer. Maybe the OP knows as she's good at this stuff? 

  • okay thank you, can’t track notthing at the moment until I start a period ? I haven’t even had a withdrawal bleed ? I finished half way through a pack? Is the test negative then ? I’m confused why I’m getting faint lines ? 

  • image

    HElp! Am I just seeing this line :( boyfriend says I am :(

  • I think so :) good luck xx

  • image Yes I can see a line. Good luck x

  • imageTaken two tests today, and I can see  very very faint line on both. I had some brown waterly blood today which hasn’t needed a pad only when I wipe, not sure what happening, anyone know please ? Sore breast for about 3 days now, had some strange feeling in my stomach sight Cramps not painful. 

  • Thank you girls!! Xx

  • Okay thanks natasha image

  • Can you take with flash on ? I had to use a torch to see my positive to start with, it looks like a faint positive tho :) x

  • imageimage Can’t see the lines with the flash on, too bright, can when I put on the pregnancy test checker u can see it 

  • As I wrote in my post you won't need to edit a photo to see a positive. 

    Nini the tests look negative sorry. If you were pregnant you would have had a progression in how dark the lines were as there was 4 days between tests. The pill can really mess up your cycles for a while after you stop taking it. If you don't know when your period is due they recommend testing 19days after unprotected sex.

    Steffy have you tested again since? It could be you ovulated a little earlier and you were just over your two weeks since conception which is why your digital said 2-3 weeks.

    Natasha sorry also looks negative. When is your period due

  • I did another clearblue tuesday still said 2-3, I've got some more coming today from amazon so will check later, I'm worried as I don't have any symptoms apart from slightly sore nipples. My last pregnancy I felt shit all the time, I'm seeing my doctor tonight so will mention it then 

  • I was expecting my period this week and I’m late by like 4 days and I took a pregnancy test but when I looked at the results from a certain angle i see a very faint second line.

     image       This was within the time frame.

    Then after an hour I look back and I see a colored faint second line. Is it a positive line or evaporation line?


  • imageimage Hiya can I have some advice took a test, i cant tell this if is positive or not, done a first response one I don’t have a pic tho and that was very very faint too x

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