inhaling bleach...

The kitchen was stinking this morning and my hubbie had left early for work so I decided to clean it.
After putting a few big blobs of domestos everywhere and scrubbing it in to the worktops and sink, the fumes were quite over powering and it was only then that I realised what I was doing.
I quickly opened a window and put a tea towel around my nose like a mask but as I was half way through I had to keep going.
I also mopped the floor with diluted bleach,
I am now starting to panic that I may have harmed the baby or caused abnomalities as it says in my manual.
I am 9+3 weeks. Somebody please adivse?
Is anybody else cleaning as they normally would and is everything OK?
I'm worried. image


  • i can't stand the smell of bleach anyway... but seeing as it was a very popular method of cleaning back in the 40-50s and i'm sure your parents re fine then i wouldn't worry if your still unsure then call GP or midwife or even the early pregnancy unit they should be able to advise you but sounds like it wasn't prolonged exposure which is bound to be harmful. if it was prolonged exposure i'd worry a lil bit but as i said our grandparents did it with no real worries
  • I wouldn't worry - what doesn't harm you is unlikely to harm the baby, but maybe call your GP just in case.

    I'm always accidentally inhaling hair spray, deodorant, perfume, lol, and in my very early pregnancy I worked as a cleaner. I also bleached my hair in the first 12 weeks cos I didn't know you weren't supposed to. My scan didn't show up any abnormalities.

    I'm sure all is well! Philippa +baby boy,
    21+1 x x x
  • I didnt know that you weren't supposed to use bleach products or anything. I have been using them and also have been using hairspray and perfume and breathing all them in! EEK! im sure if my midwife hasnt pointed it out it mustn't be a massive thing to worry about?
    Im sure it will be ok, try not to worry about it. I bet loads of women use bleach and things before they even realise theyre pregnant.
    x x
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