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hi i wandered if anyone could beat these prices as really need to save money somewhere:

icandy pear with 1 carrycot ??616.50
icandy peach blossom with 1 carrycot ??774
lollipop lane herb garden extra long bumper ??55

any help much appreciated image


  • can't help with the last two, but the pear seems like a good deal, mine was ??685 with 1 carrycot (no carseat) at john lewis a month ago....unless ur happy with second hand, in which case i think they're ??400-500 on ebay, same for the peach (which is over ??1k in john lewis)

  • was thinking about ebay but none are near enough and dont trust courier after previous experience
    what is the carrycot like on pear as only saw one for peach and looked nice and deep
  • the peach carrycot is much much better, but definately not worth the extra ??400 for the peach than the pear as john ewis were asking (and as far as i'm aware most places) the pear carrycot is longer and wider but not quite as deep (but, its fabric and its the top part that clips on to the frame, so i'm not sure, it might get deeper once baby is in it weighting the bottom down, iyswim?), i would've loved the peach in all honesty, but there were a few things (air filled tyres etc) that pear had the edge on for our needs.

  • i read somewhere that you can put the peach carry cot on the pear do you know if this is true? i have decided to get the pear i like the wheels better and a lot of money is saved which makes me feel a bit better
  • are selling the Lollipop Lane Herb Garden bumper for ?? 34.95- Im not sure if it is extra long though,just the name matches.I have ordered from this website before and had a quick delivery with no probs.xx
  • i don't think u can use the peach carrycot on the pear as the chassis frames are different sizes...the wheels were an issue for us too, leaving in a basement flat we need to bump it up and down concrete steps on a daily basis so think they'll be a bit more resilient xx
  • i never thought of that i have steps leading up to my house to so need it to deal with them on a daily basis, i used to be a pramoholic but now i seem to have this big dread about prams much to hubbys delight,
    sooky2 unfortunatley it is standard length the only place i have found extra long bumper is amozon and they are all about ??50 but there is a lot more choice
    thanks for your help
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