Hello ladies i have just submitted the mum bus petition to the prime minister for approval so I am waiting to hear, if you would like to sign it could you let me know asap thanks


  • What's the mum bus petition? Not sure if I missed a thread?


  • You have not got a hope. At best you should petition for one more pram space on normal buses but that isnt even gonna happen as it would cost hundreds of thousands if not millions to modify or replace existing buses.
    Most of the time when you get on a bus there arent any prams on there so why would they make special buses just for people with prams? Its just not viable.
  • lol i love to see sheer optimism, look if you are not going to try and help the cause dont bother saying anything at all, in my town and others many bus drivers etc dont let mothers with prams on and alot of the time many buses are packed so there are no mother and baby spaces left


  • Hello Karen, basically we have petitioned to have one bus per town allocated with many more pram spaces and two sit down seats per pram space, an accessible bus so every parent can bring their pram or pushchair on....i like many other women are sick and tired of moaning bus drivers or buses that wont let you on or does not have the space and its just not right that parents and their little ones are left waiting either in bad weather, waiting for ages or having to walk long distances home. The point of the mum bus and the petition is to stop everyday people using it, it will be parents with children in prams and pushchairs only.
  • hello basically I am informing everyone atm once the petition has been approved I will send the individual link to ppl, i really want to petition for this so that it can help benefit all parents, just hope i can get enough positive responses ya no?
  • thanks zoey i have had many responses in regards to the idea and over all people think its a good idea iv spoken to many mothers who support the idea cos they have kids and know wat many mothers go through in regards to bus services
  • Go for it girl! Could this also be extended to people in wheelchairs or people with mobility problems in general? May make it slightly more arguable? Just a thought...

    Get the link on here hon - the more people that sign will at least make the government more aware of this need.

    As for the negativity, I simply choose to ignore it...... hopefully everybody else will follow suit. This is a pregnancy forum, not a debate forum!

    Thank goodness the suffragettes,anti-slavery, anti-racism campaigners etc etc had the gumption to stick their necks out and fight for what they believed in!!

  • thanks karen, its something my partner and i have been discussing since my daughter was born there are many mothers in our town in cheshire and there are always complaints about the bus system and yes people with mobility problems in general etc would also be priority on these buses, it would be a good cause for every parent, i sometimes find even if there is 2 spaces on a bus, some prams are simply too big to allow the other into the space so i end up folding the pram anyway, thus waking my lil girl and putting her in a bad mood for the rest of the day......
  • I'll sign it! cant hurt to try!be really good we could each send the link to friends to help premote it and get them to sign it too!!

    karen really good point about ignoring negitive comments! i think ill be doing that from now on! xxx
  • thanks ladies, just want every parent to be able to get the bus without having to wait for ages or being stuck in the rain or having to fold down the pram when the baby/babies are asleep its just so much of a pain ya no? i really appreciate all the support and that last idea about passing it on to friends is fantastic
  • All Im saying is there is no point petitioning for something that has no hope of success. You need to think it through a bit more and come up with a more realistic target. Petitioning the government will not help very much when buses are run by private companies. The government cannot very well force private bus companies to provide specific services for a select group of people. You may even find that banning regular people from getting on the 'mums bus' is illegal due to discrimination against them.
    Unless there are enough mums to fill the mum bus on a regular basis it will not be financially viable and no bus company will agree to it. Thats why I suggested campaigning for an extra pram space rather than an entirely new bus service as you may have a little more hope of success. Thats not negativity - its just common sense.
  • I don't remember anyone suggesting that the general public were banned? Just that there should be more space for pushchairs (and for that matter, like Karen said, people with wheelchairs and other mobility problems) If you don't agree, don't sign the petition.
  • But thats what she is saying - she wants a bus specifically for mums and noone else....
  • BORED BORED BORED of this stupidness.

    Ladies, may I seriously suggest that we completely ignore this ridiculous infantile behaviour and maybe he will get bored as well and go back to whence he came?

    Little1, I do not normally address anyone personally with a negative comment, but in this instance I feel that you are coming on a pregnancy forum, nitpicking and seeking some sort of weird thrill from trying to upset people. I note that you have not posted on many other threads, offering support or advice and you seem to be merely scouring threads where you can try to rile people up.

    Not working with me I'm afraid, I just find you irritating. As I said ladies, if you want to enter into discussions with this rather strange dad to be, feel free, but me for one am just hoping that he goes elsewhere to get his kicks.

    Charlotte, let me know where I can sign up!

  • I've already got my fingers in my ears from the other thread.
    *la la la I can't hear you little1*
  • Whats the problem here? I'm being fully sincere and serious. If you read the other thread she says the mum bus is to specifically exclude anyone who isnt a parent.....
  • Has Little1 been posting offensively elsewhere because I have to be honest I can't see that Little1 is out of order for expressing their views on this one - we're all entitled to our views and there is always a level of debate on these forums.

    As I read the thread they are just suggesting an alternative approach to a campaign to acheive the same end?
  • try the boss troubles thread - ive been trying to be helpful there....
  • Thanks redpod - finally someone who can see sense. Zoey is just being bitter about a disagreement I have had on another post.
  • hello ladies, i fully believe that disabled people and others with mobility problems should be included in the mum bus, what i think should happen is a bus service created for those who cannot travel on normal buses without difficultly, now little1 you may not be in favour of this but thats up to you, you dont have to sign the petition but i nor anyone else im sure wants to dwell on an arguement thanks, anyway ladies the link is at the top of this post, thanks alot
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