Question on maternity exemption card


I got mine in the post today - just got back from work and saw NHS on envelope and thought it was my scan date! Anyway, the letter says it expires ONE year after the birth of the baby. But the card has a date of 24 April 2009 as its expiry - that's when the baby is due!!!

Is it wrong? or will I get another one after baby arrives?



  • that sounds wrong to me. mone has a valid from date and expiry date on. have they put the right date for when its valid from?i dont know how you'd go about getting a new one though?
  • Think it sounds wrong. My lo is due on 2nd Jan 09 and my expiry date reads 22/12/2009. A few days out but near enough i suppose!
    Maybe you should give them a ring.x
  • yea that is wrong,i would call them up cos you wont get another one when the LO is born


  • Thanks girlies! Will give them a ring...
    The due date and month is right, its just the year is one year out!

    Thanks again xxx
  • Hey SB,

    Due on the same day.
    Prior to my 1st scan the doc dated my due date as 23/12/08. She obviously sent the relevent forms off with that due date. When i went for my 1st scan i wasnt as far as long as 1st thought and got a new due date of 2/1/09. By this time I had already got my NHS exemption card. Dont think ill bother ringing them for the sake of a week or 2.
  • sounds wrong to me iv just checked mine and it expires on the 30th of Nov 2009, which is 1 year and 9 days after my little one is due x
  • Hi,
    Mine is valid from 8/8/08 till 4/5/10 - one year after due date, but I didnt apply for it until september so they have obviously back dated it! Good thing too as I had a prescription the day that I applied but pharmicist said that was ok although on the form it said it was only valid from the date it was received!!!

  • I got mine about a month ago followed the next day by my scan date image
    But mine says the same, babies roughly due 25th april an card runs out 24th april 2010, but it says on the letter if baby born after this date then contact them an they'll change it for you

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  • you've made me check mine now!!! mine says it expires on the 04/01/2010 my baby id due on the 5th of jan 2009 so its only a day out!!!
  • Joo!

    How did you get yours so early? I didnt get my last one until my MA started...
    it ran out exactly one year after Ollie's due date...

    No sign of mine yet this time around...

  • I'l swap you mine for a scan!!! Any day!!!

    (Not sure why I'm still going on about it... we're having one Sunday!)

  • deal - which one do you want? the 20 week, the 30 week, or the 36 week one?

    The way our depts run i'll be 36 weeks while still waiting for the 30 week scan.... :lol:

    Good luck for sunday image

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