Hi is anyone else really not enjoying being pregnant? looking forward to having my little boy but the waits really getting to me


  • Hi zoey,
    Thanks getting bk to me im 27 wks 2day. its nice to know that there is some else feeling the same every1 seems so happy and enjoying being pregnant. I really cant wait to have my lo but im finding this time very hard. im on my own apart fro m my parents and i 19 and its a very scary to think that in 13 wks im going to have a baby and my life is never going to b the same again. but i am looking forward to it. i seem to have everything you can get when your pregnant corpal tunnel in my wrists,really bad morning sickness, head aches,bk aches the lot. i am a full time care assistant and have had lots of time off work due to lots of different reason while i have been pregnant and im sure people at work think im just using it as a way to get out of working which is so not the case.
  • Don't beat yourself up about not enjoying the whole pregnancy thing - you can't be expected to love the experience if your suffering unpleasant symptoms. I'm beginning to feel that I'm turning a corner at 14 weeks but I have felt wretched with sickness a lot and was getting really tired at work before christmas - I think keeping it a secret at work was adding to the pressure and making me feel worse. I couldn't wait for christmas for a proper rest and will tell my boss when I return as I've had my scan now. One night I felt so awful and I couldn't stop crying I felt so wretched and then I felt really guilty about hating being pregnant which just made me cry and cry some more! Fortunately I'm feeling better and better each day but I can really empathise with all those of you (and there is probably more than you think) who aren't enjoying the experience as much - but like I say, you shouldn't beat yourself up about that because no one enjoys feeling ill and suffering unpleasant symptoms. Just focus on the end result and stay positive.
  • iM due july 14th got my scan on 18th jan..
    im enjoying it but keep getting lil crampy pain;s
    but my hospital wont tell me the sex it says on leflet that it aint the policy of luton and dunsterble hospital to discus the sex of the baby..

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