OMG!!I can feel lo

Its like bubbles popping inside my stomach and fluttering. lm 17+3 didnt think l would feel it soo soon l hope it is baby and not my stomach gurgling lol. Does anyone know if this is the baby moving and if its supposed to be constant likes these are??xxx


  • Defo sound like the baby moving enjoy the little flutterings im almost 32 weeks now so its full on kicks normally straight in the bladder to make me wet myself lol congrats on your first movments hun Sophie 31+3 x

  • Sounds about right!
    I'd just eaten a very spicy pizza when I felt the first movements with my first baby - think he was trying to tell me something! Its much too early yet to be feeling baby number two, but I can't wait!
  • Sounds like what I had....Wait till your whole tummy moves side to side. And you think your ok until your bladder want to burst.

    Hope everything goes well.
    Good luck
  • It really does sound like baby moving, its fantastic isnt it. If you want to promt him to move try drinking a glass of ice cold water, I read about it in a mag so is perfectly safe.
  • Ahhh, its wonderful isnt it! lucky you i wish i was pregnant again. Enjoy every moment! Debs xx
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