Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 3

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the all the people on the Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 2 thread, as the last part of the thread has become huge and has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough. 



  • girls I’m so happy I can be on this page and actually be pregnant now :) 

    i was thinking of booking scam for around 8-9 weeks as that’s how far I was last time when found out about mc but not sure if I should 

    Lorew your scan looks fab glad baby is measuring as expected :) 

    thanks to everyone for the support just fingers crossed now for a sticky bean and finally getting my rainbow baby 

  • Mrs rees I had a scan this time at 9 weeks and I think that was a reasonable amount of time to wait as you could actually see a baby forming as well and it wasn’t internal, I know they say internal Is safe but I always worry 😂 have you worked out your due date? I’ve got such a good feeling for you xD 

  • Im sure around feb 2nd i put in date of conception as I only dtd once on my suspected ovulation day of 12th may but by my last af sites have said 30th January 

    I’d love a feb baby as no other member of my family has been born in feb so would have it’s own birthday month 

  • Agree with mummytolily, i had a scan around nine weeks and I was glad I waited as def could see more. 

    a Feb baby would be lovely, so close to valentines day, what better gift could you want! 

  • Omg, i am so so so so so so so happy! Ive just rang my OH at work to tell him hell think im mad! Cant believe it, i had a sneaky suspicion this month and actually stalked your comments in the other group last night hehe see sixth sense! Now easier said than done but try and stay calm, i half made myself ill during first twelve weeks, i took solace in the tests getting darker dont know how you feel about doing tht? At around six weeks they lit coudlnt of got any darker but then symptons came by then, welcome to the world of boob squeezing! I am so happy for you, how is your oh feeling? Xxxxx

  • Omg MrsRees!! I barely know you and I actually felt really excited for you!!! Congratulations both fantastic, try and relax and know every pregnancy is different and we Are all here to help you through!! 😁

  • I’ve already started the boob squeezing haha they seem to hurt more or less at different times of the day like right now they don’t hurt very much but later they will 

    bobble I laughed out loud reading that about phoning your oh and my oh was like what’s so funny haha I think I may do the line tests I found out earlier this time than last time as clear blue only says 1-2 weeks this time and last pregnancy it was 2-3 weeks but I do have longer cycles this time around 

  • Yeah was the same for me, morning and night times were more sensitive, taking my bra off they used to feel like they were gonna fall off 😂 just stick to same brand and take one every couple of days to keep you sane, i personally love first response tests i think theyre really clear and show good progression xxxx

  • Mrs Rees, so super happy for you!! What an amazing way to start a new thread!! You have so graciously supported all of us through our journeys, now it is time for us to support you!  cant Wait to hear you moaning about feeling sick!! Hugs and kisses xxxx 

  • Ahhhhhh MrsRees so so happy for you! Amazing news! I bet you are both over the moon!

    Congratulations Lorew on your scan too! 

    I had my Anti- D injection this morning! Ouch! 

    Also had my growth scan- baby measuring fine so trainee midwife messed up and had me worrying for no reason, but still nice to see baby again! 

    Bobble- How did your growth scan go?

  • So happy for you mrsrees!! Fingers crossed for more bfps on the horizon. 

  • Mickey, glad your growth scan was all OK and it was just human error - not that that makes up for the worry!

    I'm not sure if I'm just particularly hormonal today but I just picked up the pup after her spay op and the pair of us are sitting crying on the couch. I feel so awful for doing this to her :( 

  • Thanks again for the congratulations so happy I could burst 

    so glad scan went well Mickey but how awful that their error caused so many problems, if they have a concern then they should get things double checked especially if itd a trainee 

    ouch for the anti-d injection thats no fun 

    I cried for my dog after getting her spayed and I wasn’t anywhere near pregnant haha 😂 so I feel for you xx

  • MickeyS she had grown a little bit quicker and is just above 10th centile now, further appt was planned for the 8th then if any further issues cont on two week scans, and if not go back to four weekly, anyways been in today for reduced movements, was warned last time to not leave it till the night time so went in around five today and they did actually see that she was quiet but she eventually livened up and they not concerned just sleeping apparently but they will bring growth scan forward again as its protocol so be there again in a couple of days for growth scan so fingers crossee everythings okay xxxxx

  • How many weeks are you now Bobble? 

    Sounds like you are really going through it with your little lady!! It won’t be long before she is in your arms and you will forget all about the trials and tribulations of your pregnancy xx 

    afm, hubby has suggested we start trying asap for another!! So will start tracking after next period - if I get one as breast feeding.... quite surprised he is so on board as he initially said no after my delivery, but will be so nice for them to have each other when they get older. 

    Little lady is now 9 weeks - having her first set of Jabs tomorrow.  Was weighed today, still not quite made 10lb, was 4.5kg, which is just under  xx


  • Well MrsRees, I can't even put into words how happy I am to see that second line and the word PREGNANT on your tests! I had a funny feeling this morning and thought, I must check in and see if she got her bfp and would you look at that!!! Massive massive massive congratulations to you. Wishing you the healthiest happiest 9 months ever! And yaaaay to a Feb baby! 🎉👯🤰🏻👶🏻

    Hope everyone else and the beans & bumpies are ok 🤗💜

  • 31 today, i just cant wait for her to be here and pregnancy to be over ive found it so difficult in so many ways and felt i always had something to worry about which is saddening but hopefully my next pregnancy im more settled!

    Brilliant news that oh is up to try again, your brave so soon! I norm like watching Obem but tonight found myself squirming, getting to close for comfort i think 🤣

    How is everyone else? Mrs rees hows your fantastic news settling in? Xx

  • It definatky hasn’t settled in yet bobble but I think fear and anxiety are settling in pretty quick checking for blood everytine I go to the toilet and checking my boobs all the time (they seem to be more tender at night especially round the nipple) I also had some back ache before bed even though I hadn’t done anything for it to hurt so I think that’s a good sign too 

    bobble youve had such a rough time of it through pregnancy that it’s no wonder your wanting pregnancy over with and to have baba in your arms I hope the last part goes quickly and smoothly for you 

    thanks ele I really Didn’t expect it this month as I really didn’t try only managing to dtd on the day I ovulate or the day before I’m not sure but still didn’t expect it :) i Feel like a bit of a hypocrite now for being annoyed when people told me to stop trying and it would happen haha 

  • Mrs fish I’ll have 17 months between my boys so exciting for them to be close in age 😍

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