hospital midwifes good old moan sorry :-)

went to hospital yesterday to have a ant check at 31 weeks our so i thought
the stupid midwife didn,t have a clue why i was there .she asked me if i was 20 weeks which you can see clearly im not being 31 weeks my mom and i was in the room 1 and 1/2 hours filling out my notes because they had lost my oringal ones she tryed to do all my bloods and all the other checks you do when your booked in at your 12 weeks appointment convinced that i was only 20 weeks that why i was there .
we was there 3 hours in the end and she didn,t even check the baby her answer was " is it moving " which he was .she said you will be fine then! come see the doctor next week because your over weight

soooooooooooooooo angeryyyyyyyyy my mom and i have to catch 3 buses to get there because the car parking is so expensive to top it off


  • Wat a mightmare. Can i ask wat hospital u r at, because im in uni at the min and im doing a research project on nhs maternity care, and how underfunding and understaffing can be putting mothers and babies at risk. Since I started the project in october I have been trawling the internet and find so many horrible stories about how women are been treated. Fortunately Ive not really had any bad experiences, with both this pregnancy and my first one, but I know your not on your own. Have you thought about putting in a complaint because losing your notes has surely got to be a breech of patient confidentiality. Hope your next appt goes better, Kerry xxx

  • hi kerrymc its sandwell hospital in west midlands
  • Cheers, Ill try and do a little bit of research on them and see wat i come up with, will let u know of any findings xxx

  • Hey!!!Kerrymc. I too had a bad experience. But not Maternity care. I was in for an emergency due to my pregnancy. I had to stay over night. Was left with a drip that was clogging and needed flushing so I was getting no fluids for at least two hours. When I called for a nurse cause the pain was getting worse. Sha came over. tutted at me and stormed off. Upset that she was working overtime and she shouldnt even be there.

    Never got seen. The pain went away eventually. Got told I could have something to eat that night.(after 6) Got a cold sarnie with wrapping after 10. (If it was a case of getting the damn thing out the fridge,they could have sent me).

    Then I was having more pain tand asked the night staff to give me something for pain. And when a friend called later to ask how I was and the baby. She asked "what baby?" After giving me medication.

    Then my referal was lost and I never had my 12 week scan. Only got sorted at over 16 weeks. I'm at Queen Charlotte in London
  • Hiya kerrymc, this isnt really about maternity nurses but about general nurses and how crap the nhs was. And gives me a chance to rant about it!! In may last year i suffered my 2nd miscarriage and had to stay in hospital overnight, as it was my second miscarriage i knew as soon as the bleeding started that was what was happening, so went to the hospital a&e was waiting in the waiting area for nearly 2 hours in unbelieveable pain, i was on my own and almost screaming and crying it hurt that bad. Finally they took me through and left me in a cubicle to be seen by a doctor who then sent me upto the EPAU i had to be took in a wheelchair at this point cos of pain. When i got up there i asked for some painkillers as it had been 3 hours! I was left AGAIN! I had to be admitted for the night, i kept asking for morphine as i had it with the first and it took all the pain away but they refused to giving it me as didnt know if i was still pregnant or not (I knew i wasnt) there was no one available to do a scan till the morning after which i thought was shocking! So all night i was given a mix of paracetemol and some other painkiller, none of which helped the pain much. After quite some time i managed to get to sleep. In the morning i got up and had a shower, when i came back i noticed in the night id bled on the sheets, when i asked the nurse for a clean sheet she said "That isnt my job, you will have to wait for the day staff" So i was made in awful pain to get back into the bloody sheets after having a shower. I felt so ashamed i just led there and cried. It was horrible. At 11am i was finally given a scan and told i was miscarrying which i knew, i was so upset with the way i was treated it made the whole miscarriage worse. If they had someone available to do the scan that evening they'd of seen i was miscarrying and been able to give me morphine or something as strong as that for the pain, instead i was left to suffer all night in unbelieveable pain.

    So sorry for the rant! Still angers me now! x
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