20week scan morbib question

hi girlies,

ok i have got my 20week scan on feb 11th and for some strange reason ive started worrying about it, i keep thinking what if my baby has died? how do i know if it has died?
Is this normal?
And if something had happened how would i know? would i have a miscarriage?

I know i sound paranoid but i think its cos i cant feel the baby yet im 18weeks should i be feeling something by now?


  • Yeah this is my 1st baby to be honest ive only ever seen a midwife once and that was at my 12week scan, since then i have not seen anyone not even a doctor.
    This sounds silly but i dont even know who my midwife is or how i contact one.
    I am getting paranoid so maybe i should ask for someone to check the babies heartbeat.
    Its such a worrying time esp as its my 1st i have no clue whatsoever
  • HI Gem i felt my baby move for first time at 19 weeks and i could only feel it if i was lying flat on my back. I was on holiday so on a sun lounger most of day. It used to feel like someone was blowing a bubble inside your tummy like a little pop of air, but some people dont feel their baby move untill about 26 weeks. Try not to worry its just your hormones i remember feeling exactly the same as you at about 16 weeks so it is perfectly normall. I still worry now if its any conselation my mum reckons she worrys more about us now than when we were babys 1m 34 and my brother is38!!!!!!!!!! So welcome to parenthood xxxxxx
  • Hi Gem, the few weeks before a scan are always scary!!! Try not to worry. I have my 2nd scan on feb 13th and I 18 weeks too. been feeling some movement as this is my second baby but i have to admit that if i don't feel anything for a while i start to worry that something has happened. I'm considering buying one of those doppler thingys so that i can stick it on and have a listen for heartbeat or movement without having to bother my mw. Maybe that might be something you could do - they sell them on ebay or even at tesco for about ??30. That way, any time you are feeling anxious you can just have a little listen to check baby is moving about! xxxx
  • I am 20+6 and havn't felt baby move yet. However, I have a doppler and I listen to hb every day so there I know there is a healthy baby in there. Think mine was ??20 and its worth every penny. xx
  • hi gem my 20 week scan is on the 1st and i've been worryiogn about the same thing as i still haven't felt baby move andi'm nearly 18 weeks! i thought that it'd be fine when i heard the heart beat but actually i crave hearing the heart beat as reassurance now image my oh won't let me buy as doppler as i'm so scared now... he keeps saying in the old days they didn't have them... like with the sexing scan he says in the old days they didn't know so why should we lol wouldn't mind but he's 4 yrs younger than me hahaha OLD MAN! i'm sat tehre thinking anything could happen between hearing the heart beat and the scan lol i know its a negative but with this baby being a very wanted and long waited for (by me anyways) one i dread it going wrong. especially when i can't feel anything i feel the occassional pressure on the bladder but never sure if its baby or the bump support i wear for my SPD image lmao anyways enough chatter from me i was just letting you know you're not alone! image
  • Don't worry about not feeling the baby move yet, I was 19+4 when I first felt mine, after that I felt movements a couple of times a day but only in the evening, but it wasn't until now (25 weeks) that they became regular (ish).

    Everyone worries about the 20 week scan, I didn't want to go to mine because I was scared something was wrong with the baby...it didn't help that the night before I went I had a real scare! Don't worry - a miscarriage at this stage is so rare. Yes it does happen, and my heart goes out to those it happens to, but it's not common at all. x
  • how weird is this!!
    you know i was throwing my paranoia around this morning when i posted this??
    well i was just sitting at my desk and i felt a popping sensation it felt like a bubble bursting is this the baby or has my mind gone completley mental???
  • i've felt a few gurgles/bubbles bursting a few times but not regularly for a few weeks were i thought oo00ooo is that baby but had nothing for ages after it then it'd happen again and i'd think the same but then nothing image the only way i know baby is moving is the occassion pressure on bladder and the urge to got loo ahahaha but thats rare these days too image i give up....
  • Hi Gem,

    I was exactly the same as you before my 20 week scan especially because I work in a crematorium & am surrounded by death. Just try not to worry yourself, you'll be fine the way you need to look at it is that there are a higher majority of babies born healthily than what there are stillborn so don't panic yourself!

    As I say I was petrified before I went for my 20 week scan & the 1st question the MW said was 'have you had much movement' which I hadn't so of course I sh*t myself until she scanned me & said 'awk your placenta is to the front that's why you can't feel the baby too much'.
    With my placenta being to the front this todey wee baby was kicking it so no wonder it wasn't coming through to my tummy cause they have no strength! I'm now 29+1 & still don't feel the baby moving that often because my placenta is still at the front so honestly you'll be grand.

    PS On the day of my scan the MW told me I was the 3rd person she'd seen who had said they hadn't felt movement & the 3rd with a frontal placenta.
    Good luck!
    Lauren xx
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