Easing morning sickness??

Hi Girls,

I wonder if anybody as any tips I am already feeling exhausted and I feel sick in the morning and then most of the night, I have heard vitamin b6 is good for this, has anybody any other tips for easing this?


  • Eat little and often, ideally bland food. Get as much rest as you can, tiredness makes it worse! Ginger and peppermint work for some people. I had ginger and elderflower cordiel, not nicest drink but took edge off! Avoid anything that makes it worse if you can, ie hot places or certain smells. xxx
  • hi you could also try ginger beer old jamaican was nice, ginger nuts too, rich tea are good too take the hunger quesieness away, just keep a few nxt to your bed for 1st thing in the morning... i liked pineapple! when i was pregnant with my daughter, not sure why... heyho i'm just starting to get the odd moment of queasiness, 5+ wks oh the joy haha it's soon forgotten. if this is your 1st baby enjoy the time you have to pamper yourself. bio-oil is fab for your skin do you not take pregnancy vitamin supplement, it would help esp. for the days when your not really feeling v. healthy!
    good luck, feet up image early to bed too! i'm up at 3am p'ing for the last 3 days and i'm shattered as i can't get back to sleep properly
  • Thanks for the tips girls, I will try those out. This is my first so tonight I am going to sink myself into a lovely bath and start moisturising every day and night to keep the stretch marks at bay.
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