Middle Name Suggestions

does anyone have any nice suggestions for a middle name first name will be Harry 

surname starts with an L and is 3 syllables

Thank you💙


  • I love a name thread. 
    So...for middle names (and in my head i've made your surname Lonaghan 😂😂😂)


    No idea if you like any of those but worth a go! 

  • Thanks for replying Bobbie! I love Noah but oh hates it 🙄 you couldn’t be any further with the surname haha

  • I have a Harry George !! I absolutely love his name and I often call him Harry George rather than just Harry :)

    Everyone loves his name 😍

    I have Max George as well following on from his big brother 

    My daughter is Lucy I stuck to older generation names 

    Hope this helps !!

  • Found another thread as well here were the suggestions 🤣 loads!!!




  • Tell me you both like one of these haha

    good luck let me know what you think!!

  • Thanks MMA my god that’s a lot of names 😂 i love harry George that’s really nice! we really like harry James atm but don’t know if I’m 100% sold on it yet 😂 congrats on your pregnancy that’s great news! 

  • Also love your other twos names! 

  • I love Harry George! That list is bloody awesome! You have got to find one on there (though some of them are a bit random!) 

  • Hi ladies just wondering is Harry a very popu name over there? Is George? Here in America we we have such differe names we use!

  • Absolutely!! Harry definitely! I’m hearing a lot of George’s as well my son is Harry George 😍

    My youngest is Max , very popular too I call there names when we are out and they all turn hahaha!!!!

  • Oh I see my kiddos names are Jonah, Annabelle and Guy. 

  • Lovely names,  my daughter Lucy’s  middle name is Annabelle:) it’s very pretty we used it as a middle as I knew it would be shortened to Anna which would have annoyed me! I tried to choose names that couldn’t be changed!

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