spd sufferer birth story?

Hi every one i know some of you were keento know how my birthwent and how the s pd is going but i want to know if any one wants to know how the birth went first, i had quite an unpleasant time so i dont want to put any one off . I also had an induction which again was not nice so dont want to frightenany one. If any one wants to know i will put a post inthe labour and birth forum, as i dont supose i should be in here any more x


  • Dont leave us babe! We like to hear how you and Daisy are doing

  • Yeah would be really interesting to read especially since I have just found out I have spd! Sure you are always welcome here as will be good to keep up todate with you & Daisy!
    Tammi x

  • I would love to hear too. Congratulations on getting through it - take it you have a girl? How are you feeling now?
    I am getting worse week by week and having a miserable day today. Feeling a bit better after coming on here, it always brings me back to reality and comforts a bit.
    take care
  • well i dont know if i can remember now but here goes. no capital letters as have lo in one arm . was booked in to be induced at 40+2 on the advice of a consultant who i had seen 10 days before due date. i was seeing him as my chiropractor had adviced i have an elective c section due to pelvis. Consultant said sooner we get baby out the sooner you will be free from pain. he gave me a sweep and said that might get me going. Now i took this advice in good faith they are the professionals and i wanted what ever was going to best for me and baby.

    we went into hospital on induction day, and a midwife took us to a room , she did not explain what was going to happen or how long we would be in room, it waas very bizzare inow know it is becouse they are so busy. All she said was that they were waiting for a machine to put a trace on babys heartbeat. evntually they came back did this then they put a pessarry in. Now i have to say i found this extremely painful todo but appaently they said it was becouse babys head was very low in the pelvis and they were struggling to get to cervix. then they said well thats in for six hours let us know if you gt any pains. they came back after six hours did another trace but was a different midwife this time. she then came back to put another pessary in. she said it says on your notes v painful last time she said she had over a 50% success rate with inductions and that she had long fingers so that would help 9she later slipped out that she had already had two ladies successfully go into labour so i took this as she had only ever done 4!! anyway it was agony! she managed to get it in but i had a panick attack something i have had before but not for few years. within 2 hours i thought i was in full blown labour i was pacing the floor with severe pain all in my bottom and lower back which was constant and then you could feel contractions every 3 0r 4 mins. nobody seemed to beleive how much pain i was in time was about 9 pm and they offered me paracetamol!!!!!! i really thought i could just have an epidural but you need to be 3 cm dilated. anyway they tried to examineme but i was screaming with pain , thy tried me with some gas and air and i had another panick attack, so they ended up giving me pethodine and a sleeping tablet as i was crying and begging for something to stop the pain. i remember thinkinghow on earth am i going to sleep. my poor boyfriend was also distressed watching me. they got him a reallycrap reclining chair and blanket and i didnt see any staff again till 830 next morning. i must of slept but it was wierd it numbed the pain but you could still feel the contractions. itossed and turned till about 5 i noticed contractions had stopped. i couldnt beleive it i had gone through all that for nothing.

    a doctor came round eventually and was really shitty with me. basically he was pissed off that i was being induced at 40+ and that he thought i had requested it.when i told him it was a consultant at that very hospital who booked it he said it was a ridiculous thing to do. he said induction of labour is a more prolonged and painful labour so not a solution to some one who is already in so much pain!!! i just thought for fucks sake!!!!!!!! sorry but its all comong back to me!! it just goes on and on but doctor basically said if i could be examined and had reached 3 cm they could give me epidural and break waters but if not it might be better if i had c section. he wouldnt advise me eitherway said desicion had to be mine. i let midwives try to examine me again with gas and air i panicked again was sick and they said they couldnt as i was too tense, and my oh stepped in and said enoughs enough shes having a c section. they gave us ten mins to talk about it and we both agreed it would be best for baby. i cried cus i felt such a failure but i also felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. they said it would happen within the next 6 hours depending when anethatist was free. my oh went down to car to get baby clothes and 3 staff came in and said we going down in ten mins. i couldnt beleive it was happening so quick and my oh wasnt even here! i had one nurse shaving me one taking blood out my arm and one takinf my nail varnish off! oh walked in whilst i was being attacked with razor!

    Theatre staff were absolutely amazing anethatist was brilliant. oh got sent off to scrub up whilst they put spinal block in. that was wierd you think its going to hurt but it doesnt i couldnt beleive it when it was done i was still expecting themto do it. my oh look like death when he saw me, he was really frightened but i wasnt i was just so happy that i was going to see my baby in minutes and i really couldnt feel a thing. i could see my shoulders moving as they tugged around but felt nothing. and then she was born with forceps as she was stuck in pelvis and they told me she was girl!!! oh you just cant describe the feeling, i couldnt see for tears. and to see my oh sitting there holding her was worth every bit of pain in last 9 months. my oh then took her off to recovery and i was left to be stitched up!!

    so that was the birth sorry v long winded but been quite theraputic to write it down. Afterwards is not nice, i used to be scared of needles but not any more they were constantly giving you something. it is very painfull and you are stuck in the bed for 24 hours with a drip and a cathater so it is difficult to look after your baby. i was in a room on my own whiich i thought was great untilmy oh had to go home then i cried becouse you feel so alone so if any of you having c sections you are better on a ward as you dont see any other mums or staff unless you ring your bell.

    we had loads more nightmares regarding the care of the midwives etc. you nrarely see the same one and daisy was poorly i had bad time , but it is just cus my particular hospital was short staffed and no one seemed to communicate.

    s p d has completely disappeared now took about a week and i was putting socks and shoes on! hope i havnt given any one nightmares it just goes to show that every one is different. i couldnteven be examined and some women give birth with just paracetamol.hope it allgoes well for you lara like i say get plenty of hlp afterwards.my mother in law still does my housework and washing now, as you have to be carefull with your scarxxxx good luck every one and it is amazing holding your lo, even when your arm went numb an hour ago!!! has any one heard from chrochetmum, ive been readinfg few posts about you guys but not debz. and thank you all for your good wishes.hope you are ok lee wont be long nowx
  • Bloody hell babe - didnt you go through it! I just cried hearing what you went through but sooooo glad it was all worth it.

    Am not worried about the section though as been through it before so know roughly what to expect - its the isolation afterwards thats scaring me more but, like you say, the SPD will be gone - YEAH!

    Sending loads of love to you and Daisy and a big hug to your hero OH who made a fantastic decision!!

    Love Lee
  • Ive just read that back god dont i go on!! Its fine anyway cus its all over and the csection was ok its just the nhs that are shit like everything else in this country. Poor debz i bet shes in a right state. Zoey will you tell her i was asking after her and me and Daisy send her our lovex Lee how you getting on in your place have they sorted out anything for you? We are really lucky as we own our own home but even that is made so difficult as every year the cost of everything goes up yet our wages dont go up to compensate , it is a real worry when you are about to lose a wage and have another mouth to feed too. And have you noticed how much food is lately. I am forever in the supermarket lately too as i find it really hard to plan meals. We have to eat in sittings now! Im on here while h has daisy for half an hour she doing my head in. She has not settled through 3 feeds now, she has been permanently attatched to me, winging with tummy ache. I just hope she will be that knackered she will sleep loads tonight.!
  • Thanks babe your not still bothered about you having a girl ae you? I read a post that you put about the sex of your baby being a girl unfortunately! Its just beena bit of a shock thats all. After all the crap you have been through that little girl inside of you was meant to be, she is very special , and anyway when you start changing nappies you will be glad you have a girl as when you take nappy off they piss every where,with little boys they piss all over youxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi westbrom!

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you for telling all about your birth. I've had loads of problems during my pregnancy, one of which is spd and I've been on crutches since 28 weeks and can barely walk or even stand at times and sleeping is a nightmare. I've been getting increasingly worried at how I would manage the birth so I'll be chatting to my consultant about my options in the next couple of weeks. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that, but as you say it's definitely worth it!

    Hels xxx

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