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not preg related, need some advice!!

I'll try and make this as short as possible.
I wrote a post a while back about me having an arguement with my sil, basically since having her son 4 months back, she's been speaking to all the other grandchildren like dirt (the kids on my hubbys side) I have been sitting by listening to this and keeping my mouth shut, as i didnt feel it was my place to say anything as they wasn't my children ect she's like this basically because she doesnt like any of the others gettin attention that her son could have
Well then she made the mistake of shouting at my 1 yo daughter in front of me and as all of you ladies will know, when it comes to your kids your like a lioness with there cubs and obviously i went mad! This ended up escalating, with her screaming that i'm a bad mum ect, which i said was more like the other way around and 100% stick by what i said, i do think she's a bad mum.
This all happened while i was at my mils house, no one knew what had started things obviously apart from me and my sil, as mil was outside and my fil was asleep on the couch. Well anyway my mil saw my ds for the first time in 2 weeks as it was his bday party today. none of his family spoke to me or my dh who has stuck by me 100%.
While at the party his dad after 2 weeks of saying he was aleep, decided that he wasn't asleep and told my dh that everything i said was lies and it was me who caused the arguement and said that he's his dad and he should believe him over me ect
Dh didnt do anything while at the party obviously for our sons sake but once home explained to me what had happened and what his dad had told him. All of which i know is lies.
So he got his dad on the phone and asked again what happen,all the time the phone was on loud speaker and i was listening in. everything he said is total lies and made out like i'm some mental case that went made at his daughter for no reason (We've been together for 7 years and i've never argued with anyone) well anyway he then went on and said, he hopes the kids die if he's lying!!!! Which obvoiusly i know he is, so i told him that if thats how little his grandchildren mean to him then he wont be seeing them again, am i in the wrong??
My dh has never once swayed and has always took my side as he's been there when his sister has told him mum "to tie a bone to his neice and throw her outside with the dog, cause thats all she's good for (she was 18 months at the time) and thats nice compared to how she speaks t them some times.
His mum told dh that i should ring his sister and appologise! and even if his siter did speak to my daughter wrong (which shes denying) you should never fight that way over children!! I'm sorry but to me thats the best reason to fight. My kids are my life and i wont allow anyone to speak to them in that way.
God how long has this post been, so sorry hope you all unnderstand what i'm tyring to say and for everyone who has actually read to the end, well done!

Beck 13+5 x


  • omg families can be the hardest thing sometimes!!!
    My OH step mum fell out with us and although we have apoligised for something we didnt do she's still pissed with us!!
    So much so that when we rung to say baby has arrived do u wanna come see her? Her reply was I think I'm gonna go to asda!!
    Wot a cow!

    I wish people woud see that lifes to short to be so nasty!! So glad ur OH is sticking with u, cos thats half the battle!!! Hope it settles down for u chick!

    Lowy and Kiwi 3days

  • Thanks hun and congatulation on your little one.
    Sorry for the situation your in with your oh step mum, no matter what happens, people should never take it out on the kids! It's her that will be missing out!
    I think that why i'm in such an hard situation, in one aspect i don't want my kids going round there after everything thats been said and the fact they have cut them off for 2 weeks when he usually goes down 3-4 times a week, but in the other i don't want my children feeling like it their fault!
    Anyway don't let you oh mum get you down, you just enjoy your little one x x
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