How can you tell where baby is laying?

Hi all

I'm quite intrigued by this... can you all tell where your baby is laying / what position they are in from your movements and kicks?

At our last scan, baby Angus was breech, but I think he has moved since as my movement is very different to what it was at that point. I'm convinced he is still posterior though - and has been all my pregnancy - it would explain my lack of bump (according to google anyway!) and also the fact I get SO much movement from him as his hands and feet are everywhere because his back is aligned with mine.

Lately, when I've been laying on my side at nights or on the sofa, I can feel little spurts of movement and kicks on BOTH sides of my body, quite far around too! Which makes me think he is transverse? But then when I sit upright, at my work desk, I get lots of flutters and wobbles around my belly button so that doesn't make sense!!!

We have used the doppler everyday since last Saturday and found his HB in the same spot everytime, just underneath my belly button and to the right (if you're looking down towards my feet).

I'm just totally fascinated by it and desperate to know where he is! I'm 31-weeks tomorrow - when will he get too big to move all of the time? Does he still have plenty of room to move around a lot? It certainly feels like that!

Joo xxx

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  • hi joo, i feel the same i too am intrigued to know how you tell, my lo was breech at pur ;ast scan 3 weeks ago, but i saw mw yesterday and she says she is head down now? i never felt her turn thats if she is head down, i get kicks exactly the same places as you, and her hb is maybe a tad higher but mw told me thats because she isnt engaged, so what i thought was her head is infact her bum? it baffles me i feel lik ei have an octopus in there!!

    chloe 33+1
  • lol my lo is head down at the mo (saw the consultant yesterday and he said she was) and i usually get a really lopsided bit on the right hand side which i guess is her back and then i can't breathe properly cos her bum is in my ribs (really hurts!) and i think she likes to wiggle her hands around cos i always feel something small and lumpy right around the side of my stummy and around my hip. i always find it hard to imagine tho.
    babies are so strange lol!
    and yeah they'll have loads of room up until bout 36 weeks i think which is when it gets REALLY cramped.
  • You can feel movement on both sides of your body because (try to imagine lol) your lo is sort of squatting. So they push forwards with their hands and knees, which you feel on one side, then on the other you get their feet and elbows. As they get a bit bigger you might be able to tell the difference between hands and elbows (i used to be able to feel fingers scratching and poking, elbows are just thumps!) but i could never tell where his feet were, unless they were stuck in a rib! xx
  • Wow that's so amazing! Baby Angus is doing squats! Daddy will be proud. :lol:

    Lau - I too have a lop sided bit on my tummy! Its level or just below my belly button and as you look down at my feet, its a lump that sticks out on the left. What could this be then? Angus's bum?

    I wish they invented small camera dopplers like the HB dopplers!!!

  • i have a lump right at the top of my bump and she is sort of pushing it 0ut at me right now? i thought it was her head maybe its her bum?
  • Have a feel Chloe - is it a hard or soft lump? Hard means head apparantely, softer and squidgier means bum!!!
  • i dont know lol i have nothing to compare but everytime i push on it she either slips to the side or pushs right out!! more a bum i am thinking??
  • apparently i was right when i said my bump had dropped already! the midwife said her head is half in my pelvis and her bum is at the front of my bump, i'm hoping she's gunna stay like that now maybe just maybe i'll go a bit earlier!!

  • Interesting development... I am getting odd feelings and movements under my ribs at the moment! Wonder what that is?!?!?

  • I knew my babys back was on my right side as all my kicks are mainly on the left I too get a big lump on my right side was told its his back when I went for my check up he is head down and I get kicked above my belly button on the left side x

  • I would love to know this, especially when I get alot of pressure low down or something under my ribs! When is your next scan Joo? x
  • Just under 2-weeks now!
    3 March!!! xx
  • My baby was breech at 24wks but at 28wks was head down. I did feel it turn as had a weekend of really weird movements that I hadnt had before or since.

    I can sometimes make out a foot or hand and know wheres its bum is- we have a family trait on Mums side of big old J Lo butts so think the baby has it too!
  • I think my baby is head down cuz sometimes i feel him hiccuping down there. I also get kicks each side of my body so I'm guessing thats his legs. But like you I also get loads of movement around my belly button, I sit there sometimes and my belly just moves about and changes shape in front of my eyes! So I think thats his hands punching about but I'd love to know if I was right!
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