Pains in pelvis- any advice?

Every time I get up from sitting down or roll over in bed, and sometimes if I'm walking for a while I get pains really low down, round the pubic bone area which then radiate out towards my hips. Some days they don't bother me but today they've been horrible. I went to see mw and she said it's probably muscles or ligaments but there's nothing she can do about it at the mo (I'm 25 weeks). Just wondered if anyone had any advice or things that can help? I'm trying the pillow between my thighs at night but it doesn't seem to help much. Also could it be SPD? Mw didn't explain much and felt like I shouldn't have bothered going to see her.



  • Hiya, I've got the same thing as you. I'm 18+4 weeks. I had it with my first, but that was towards the end of the pregnancy at 36 weeks. It definitely sounds like SPD to me. It's likely to either stay the same or get worse until you give birth. Therefore you have to contact the mw to get you some physio sorted.

    Either than that, when it gets really painful the occasional paracetamol won't do any harm. If physio doesn't help much, they'll suggest ways to help you cope with the pain like posture and how to do things without aggravating it.

    Do your hips sometimes click too? Mine have started to it's not nice at all!

  • i have been getting the same pains you are having since about 14 weeks,they are agony, baths are good for it,and it eases it abit,
    i have to walk really slow now as it keeps the pains away for a bit longer,its got to the point where my daughter who is only 3 tells me to hurry up lol.
    mabie you should try using a support belt and see if that helps, thats what im gonna try,
    i think it is normal as you are carrying extra waight you havent carried before,
    good luck hun and i hope it eases soon

  • hi i too have recently started having probs like this, see the post "fao yummy mummy" where i got told to keep legs together when getting in/out of bed car etc, have been doing that since yesteray when midwife told me and it really helps (unless i forget!)
  • hiya ive been having the same problems but only recently. ive found that lying on my side with my feet raised under a pillow one between my legs and one resting underneath my ribcage helps ease it and i can fall to sleep easily (when the littleun isnt hyperactive lol) hope if u try it it work for you and good luck xxx

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  • Thanks everyone, will give your ideas a go! I'm seeing mw again in a couple of weeks so if it's still bad then she might send me to physiotherapist. I just feel like a pensioner I'm doing everything so slowly! xxx
  • Hi
    I'm 35 weeks and have just started getting the same thing over the last few days and now waddle very slowly rather than walk! Been given the same advice as on here really, keep legs together when getting in and out of car which is easier said than done at my size! Think gonna speak to mw tomorrow about it so i'll let you know if she has any other suggestions x
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