pregnant brains advice pls

hi all having a blonde moment and not sure where i am. i am 26 weeks today so does this put me in the third trimester????? last time i did all this was 11 years ago and it was all done in months not weeks god so confusing!!!!!!if anyone can work it out in months and trimesters would be grateful lol x x x x x x x x x


  • My Bible, What to Expect When Your Expecting says the third trimester starts from 28 weeks although lots of web sites information varies.

  • Hi bev....
    im nearly 24weeks and have been trying to work out the same thing. think third trimester is from 7months.....27weeks.
    Cant believe im soooo close to the final trimester.
    Just read denise reply and was going to say same varies from book to book and different websites. image

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  • thaks ladies ill take 27 weeks as 7 months yipee one week to go then am 7 months!!!! its so confusing these days lol
  • One of the magazines I have says the 3rd trimester starts at 24 weeks, another says 27 & another 29.

    In my last pregnancy I always thought it started at 29 weeks but sure youre not a stones throw off 29 weeks anyway!!!!

    Hilary x
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