just had really bad news!

im pregnant and gonna be homeless! we moved into a gorgeous rented cottage in sept. The landlady is lovely and was happy for us to make it home. Sadly and through no fault of her own we have to leave - im gutted! (and 5 wks pg!!)


  • Awww that's a shame. Hopefully tho if you're renting u'll find somewhere else soon enough. I know the feeling, we're going to end up living with oh's parents when our little boy gets here - not fun, especially fitting a cot into a garage conversion bedroom! Luckily ohs mums a childminder so we'll get loads of baby help...lol if we pay for it she says! x
  • aww thats terrible and such bad timing, do you have anywhere else to go?has she given you a time limit? do you have family etc you could stay with in the mean time?
  • Oh hunni am sorry to hear that, how long did she give u to move out?, u can ask the council to recomment u best landlords they have? Good luck hun xxxx
  • This is one reason I won't rent anywhere. We are going to go into a hostel for a few months ( well I am ) then we will be able to get a council house. Much more secure. Not a great start in a hostel but the long term is better coz we will be able to buy the house after a few years.
  • So sorry to hear that funkymonkey.....its horrible having to leave somewhere you regard of as home....I hope you willl be able to find somewhere for your new family to all be happy in......

    Elsbeth we live in a 2 bedroom council flat and even though there is a positive of it being large, the rent is reasonable and we do have the opportunity to buy it there is also downsides...... Our son who was 3 at the time had his room flooded last year and ruined all his furniture and toys etc and that was down to poor council maintainence. They didn't accept responsibility and we had to replace everything and his room is still damp because of this. Our bedroom is so badly damp that the water drips off the ceiling and our new baby is meant to be sleeping with us!!! We have been in touch with housing officer, local MP etc and to this date nothing is being done. We are serioulsy looking into privately renting if nothing is done before the baby is born even though I don't really want the upheaval as I'm 20 weeks already!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x

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