Help me get back my PMA!

Basically i had a crappy day yesterday. A miniscule amount of spotting and achey tummy for an hour or so but since have felt fine but i cant seem to drag myself up of the floor. My mw was lovely and positive and so is hubby but i'm so scared to think positively - keep thinking im goona jinx things. For example Im worried to make my next mw appt incase i jinx things, and im reluctant to fill in my pregnancy booklet incase i jinx things. I want to enjoy my pg but keep having negative thoughts like what if i've had a missed mc or an ectopic. I had a mc b4 and have had no reason to worry this time (apart from the blip last night) . Grrr, ttc is an emotional rollercoaster but so is being pg! xx


  • I hope everything is ok, let us know. Thinking of you!!!
  • hey funkaymonky image
    most people are the same. because you want something so bad you panic that things are going to go wrong, i was the same and ALOT of people i know was too. just think positive, force yourself to look on the bright side and count your blessings. everything happens for a reason n if its meant to be it will happen for you cos it did for me image and i never thought it would too, xxx
  • thanks snowhite. x There just seems to be so much bad news lately and i can't help but feel so sad for them all and just can't stop thinking its gonna happen to me. By the way lo is soooo cute!! x
  • Hey funkymonkey,

    i feel exactly like that, this is my first pregnancy and i am absolutely petrified that somethings going to go wrong. i'm scared about first midwife appointment and first scan in case they tell me something is wrong. my friend is also pregnant with her first as well and she is exactly the same.

    like snowhite says i think its cos when you want something so bad you panic it's going to go wrong. am sure everything will be fine. how far on are you?
  • my friends gave me advice last night, they said that u r pregnant now and no amount of worrying or anything will change that u should enjoy being pregnant if something happens u deal with it at the time.u have to remember if something happens it does it for a reason like a mc most the time there is something wrong ur body is just doing its job. alot of people have a mc and then go on to have a healthy baby. i think things will be fine xxx
  • i'm 17 weeks today and had a small bleed last week! was complete wreck when i spotted it i was all over the place i was shaking and crying and my mom took 10mins to calm me down enough to get sense out of me i was like a kid and unable to talk as i was so scared! it was a brown discharge but enough to freak me out i'd been watching for anysign through out but heard baby's heat beat on MW's doppler and it reassured me might have to invest in one as i seem to worry every week as i still can't feel lo move. i've been diagnosed with SPD and sciatica and am now on oramoroph to help control the pain (doesn't hurt lo)but doesn't stop me worrying! i've had to have an xray in hospital on my lungs as was hospitalised last weds with asthma so that freakwed me out but apparently it won't affect baby as was padded out but still frightened lifeout of me. yes this is my 1st and at the rate i'm going probably my last. i'm wearing a perminant support on my bump to help ease the pain but i still worry about the baby getting affected by the pressure. so far i'm GLOWING according to everyone but pregnancy isn't suiting me at mo i've had nothing but problems this one so we'll have to wait and see if i have a second lol my advice is you can't help worrying but don't let it control your life. no point in worrying 24hrs a day as you'd never sleep just think in a few months time you lo will be in your arms and worth every second of worry image good luck girls
  • Thanks girls - you're great! just cant wait to get the next few weeks out the way. xx
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