just hopeing someone will beable to help me, is there any yogurts you cant eat when your pregnant, so strange i normally cant stand yogurts and milk but the last few days ive not been able to stop drinking milk and have really fancied a yogurt all day lol

emma xx


  • i think you can eat the full fat yoghurts but check with your midwife i know you cant have mcfluffeys or the milkshakes from macdonalds cos it the icecream thats not fully frozen i know that cos its what i faniced but my midwife told me im not aloud
  • Hi,

    Ops, ive had a Milkshake and a Mcflurry from Macs while ive been pregnant. Has anyone else been told this is a no-no ?

  • lol me 2 dark chocolate!! not milshakes but have had the crunchy mcflurry!! havent heard this b4! i think it prob be alrite tho, i think most yogs are ok happy mummy xx
  • not heard that one myself, in the first few weeks i lived off banana mcmilkshakes eeeek!
  • No-I hadnt heard this....!
  • It's because of the risk of listeria that you're not supposed to have soft serve ice cream when pregnant.
  • oh well ive had it now lol!! wont in future just in case! i do like the cruncy one tho! xx
  • Oh me too, i love the strawberry milkshakes - esp now they are vegetarian, i think ill stay away frok now on then.....

    what a shame - hey Bumpee
  • lol makes u think what can u eat lol!! i dont mind tho, eat it all after! x
  • what about fromage frais tesco shopping has just been delivered and got a box of them for my little boy might have to break into them and get him some more tommorrow lol, if i can eat them xx
  • what about fromage frais tesco shopping has just been delivered and got a box of them for my little boy might have to break into them and get him some more tommorrow lol, if i can eat them xx
  • YAY thanks zoey xxx
  • Hi

    I was told by mw that you shouldn't eat live yoghurts at all (because of the live bacteria in them). All others should be fine as long as they are 'processed' like the ones in supermarkets because the machinery and heating process they use kills all the bacteria.

  • WHAAAAAT no live yogs, didn't even think about the bacteria being harmful as thats what I buy it for!!!
  • Eat all of it girls - I'm so sick of can't eat this/that rubbish.

    It's madness, you can't eat live yogurt or milk shake (I'm addicted to Frijj chocolate brownie milkshake! But it is pasteurised) and yet there's no rules about takeaways or anything like that. EVERYONE I know who had salmonella (well - 2 people!) caught it from dodgy chicken from a restaurant/take away. And yet you can't eat runny eggs, which the majority of people have enjoyed since childhood and been absolutely fine, because of supposed listeria and salmonella. Really bugs me!

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  • i blame the board mad sceinicest. i can picture like a room full of them, proding and poking at our favite foods and then one start jumping around screaming I GOT IT I GOT IT I GOT IT!!!! listeria and salmonella. then them all cheering
  • I agree. Infact I'm just about to run the gauntlet and put bio-live yogurt on my cereal !! I've also eaten a runny egg and a pretty raw tuna steak and I haven't been struck down yet. Suz x
  • just been onto the food standards agency website and they say live yoghurts and probiotic drinks are fine as they are good bacteria (and cant turn into bad bacteria). As long as the yoghurt is a pasteurised type and shop bought should not be a problem.
    Filo x
  • I think that its fine to eat everything in moderation! At the end of the day there wern't all these rules when our mums were pregnant with us and we all turned out ok didn't we? OH might disagree with me being ok though, lol! Tammi xxx
    33.5 wks
  • Can you have soft cheese spread? got one from Tesco's (Healthy Living) to put on my crackers for lunchtimes but not sure now...its all so silly!

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