Nesting instinct kicking in!

I have never baked before and in the last three days have made a batch of Nigella's brownies and some flapjacks that I found a recipe for in my pregnancy magazine!
Whats going on!!

Clearly my nesting instinct.......

Woo hoo!
Brownies are too lush though and I have eaten far too many, resulting in a bit of stomach trouble today! oops......

Anybody else nesting?!

31+5. xx


  • yeh me, i cant stop making hotpot!!!

    MMMmmmm brownies

  • I wish I was, it takes me all my energy to be arsed to clean up let alone bake, give me some of what your on..Please
  • I cant stop cleaning and tidying, its actualy quite annoying, i cant rest because i think the place is un tidy all the time, also i can smell horrible smells all the time, before i make a drink i have to smell the cup. My partner thinks im goin mad. image xxx
  • Yep, started this weekend, cleaned non-stop from 10.30am sat til 10ish at night with just a few breaks and also yesterday too.

    Done all my cooking weeks ago, freezer is full of tasty casseroles, bolognese, moussaka etc.

    I'm driving hubby mad coz he has to join me! I'm getting obsessed about the slightest bit of dust as I want house to be spotless for baby.

    I'd love to make some brownies, gonna look for a recipe now!

    Em x
  • Nigella's is fab Em (google it) but I will replace the walnuts with white chocolate buttons next time!

  • oooh I will defo have a look at that, ta.
    Em x
  • Hi All,

    My nesting instinct has definetly started. Redecorating upstairs, new carpets coming in 2 weeks. Plus started cleaning my other 2 childrens rooms today. Finished work yesterday so got loads of time, im only 30+5, but got a strong feeling that little madam is going to come a few weeks early.

    Kerry xxx
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