Round Ligament Pain?

Morning again.

Has anyone else been told they have it? I was chatting to my yoga / NCT tutor last night and from what I described to her, she thinks I could have it. I rang a midwife this morning who said it sounds like it but they didn't ask to see me or anything! Rubbish! LOL

For a while now, I have had the odd time when I've sneezed or coughed and the muscles and ligaments around my groin are quite tight and dull achy painful ish. Its not painful like a scary cramp might be - I do feel like I've pulled a muscle / ligament. Its worse when I've been asleep for ages and wake up for the loo and its worse when I've been sitting down for a long time (at work). The midwife agreed and thinks its probably this. She told me I need to take it easy as I have been straining too much and not moving around properly. She thinks I have been pulling myself up with my abdomen and not my hands (she is right). I said that I do bend and stretch a bit too much as well as without a huge bump, I'm not as aware of it.

She said as long as baby is moving well (he / she is) then not to worry.

So I'm not too worried - especially as its not really painful as such, more a dull ache. But wondered if anyone else has had this?

Joo xxx
31w today!


  • I have had this!! Am currently waiting for mw to call me (left msg on non-urgent ansaphone)

    It's like a dull stretchy pulled muscle type ache, just above my pubic hairline, is that where you get yours? Mine's particularly bad when I've been sitting down then I get up. I saw physio 2 weeks ago due to pain more in my back and hip and she told me my core muscles are not strong at all and gave me exercises, and I forgot to mention that pain, equally I saw mw sunday and talked all about other issues and forgot about that. Relief to know someone else is experiencing it!! I actually posted the other day re it too.

    I am a size 14-16 and don't do much exercise generally, (partially due to pain from car accident partially due to being a natural couch potato) and am trying to keep active but when I walk I get a bad stitch down right hand side and the above groin pain starts up too, so have to walk vereee slowly and am developing a waddle - am beginning to feel like penguin.
    Ames x

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  • Ames - that's exactly when I get it! After I've been sitting down for a fairly long period of time, when I get out of bed for a wee in the night. Definitely sounds like it could be it. I'd never heard of it until the yoga lady said last night... then when I suggested it to the midwife she agreed.

    Going to try having more baths and use a hot pad to see if that helps.

    Oh and I'm waddling too because of it!!!

    Will you let me know what your midwife says please?

    Joo xxx
  • Yes I will, definitely, I will quote "round ligament pain" at her too, as to be honest everything I mention to her she seems to say "well it's pregnancy what do you expect?" which I'm sure is true to a point but - hello! not overly helpful!

    The only timeit doesn't hurt once it's been set off is when I have a bath, do let me know if the hot pads help, good idea. x
  • Hi girls, I get all the pains you are saying too. I was quite concerned last night as I was making tea and i had that dull aching just above my pubic bone and I had to sit down. Also when I know I am going to sneeze I double over a little and this seems to stop the ligament pain. I tend to get the stitch down the right hand side if i have been rushing around to much on my lunch break and then waddle back! It all sounds normal then if others get it too I won't worry so much now.
    Claire x 26+6
  • Claire - sneezing and coughing set it off for me too!
    I am so glad I asked the yoga lady and posted on here - least we know its 'normal' hey?
    I feel tonnes better!
    Joo xxx
  • Honestly thank god for this forum, I was worrying a lot about this esp as I posted the other day and I think I only got one reply and it wasn't really the same thing so was panicking i'd done some damage! x
  • I know I just phoned my dh to tell him as i think I had worried him about it quite a bit!
    Now im just thinking if its like this now at 27 weeks what am i going to be like at 37 weeks!
  • I am almost 19 weeks now. But about a week ago, I felt a very painful jab in the lower right side of my abdomen. The pain was really severe and weirdly, it would happen only when I would stand or walk. I let it go for a whole day but the next day, when I was in the shower, it got worse. I was doubling up in pain and was in tears. My mum suggested we go to the emergency and all they said was 'round ligament pain'. Now I've felt pains when I sneeze, cough, stretch too far but nothing like this at all.

    3 days later it completely went away so I'm hoping it doesn't come back again. Got an ultrasound done and all looks ok. Strange!!
  • C2BMummy - I emailed my DH for exact same reason, lol!

    Joo, my mw was as I expected, she rang me back earlier. She's so matter of fact about everything and seems to think I should expect all sorts and not even query it - then goes and moans about her cold!!! (WHATever!!) So no further advice - please thank your yoga teacher/mw from me! I will def bear in mind the getting up using my hands rather than abdomen.

    All I can say is I'm glad it won't be that mw who delivers my baby. Is it too much to want explanations?? (and okay maybe a bit of sympathy, lol!!) x
  • I'm sorry, I do believe I forgot that there are other internet sites other than BE, lol! Just googled it: found quite reassuring explanations, here's a couple. Most advise rest, be careful doing stuff you know sets it off, it'll go once baby arrives, and only worry if pains are accompanied by bleeding/fever/chills etc (meaning it could be something else). Feel loads better today about it, thanks Joo! x

  • I get this too. Especially last few weeks.
    It is very sore when I am sitting at work, walking more than about 100 yards and when i wake up numerous times throughout the night to have a wee!! It's like a crampy stitch and it hurts image

    Oh well little blue bean is worth it image

    Sarah 22+4 xxxx
  • bump for SarahG30 x
  • This sounds EXACTLY what I have been getting on and off throughout my pg! It can be really bad at times! Thanks girls image
  • Yup i have this too, just to compliment my SPD!

    32wk today
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