This sounds realllllly stupid but........

i've got my 16 week check on monday and i'm starting to panic incase they've found something sinister in my bloods. I have no reason to worry but i've got it to my head they are going to tell me i have HIV or something!!!!!!! I know i need to stop worrying but if they had found something as serious as that surely they wouldn't wait until now to tell you would they????? i had my bloods done at 8 weeks

Any help would be appreciated, i'm stressing and shouldn't have any reason to! xx


  • If there is a problem they contact you within a week, if not you get your results at your next appointment. In fact where i live they turn up at your house the Sunday after you have your bloods!!!! I was constantly looking out the window that day.

    I doubt anything is wrong if they have left you 8 weeks.
  • Its normal to worry hun but as Kirsty said if there was anything wrong they would have called you and asked you to go in sooner... no news is good news image

    Good luck and enjoy your appt! xxx
  • thanks guys it's stupid to get all worried but i worry when ever i go to the docs they are going to find something seriously wrong with me even if i go with a sore throat! my best friend was right she said that's it now from the minute you find out your pregnant you worry about every single thing!
  • Thats definitely true. From the second you are pregnant you dont stop worrying. It doesnt go away when they are born either. I think I will still be worrying when shes in her 20's and having her own baby!!!
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