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Just wondering who everyone is? I am sure this thread has been on before lots of times! This is my first, I am 35 and have spent far too long having fun with hubby thinking I never wanted kids then one day, boom, hormones slapped me in the face and told me to get a bloody move on!! I'm in Edinburgh and I hate being pregnant, although can't wait for lo to arrive. I wonder sometimes if my pregnancy is difficult due to being older but who knows...Look forward to hearing from you.
Mel x


  • i'm from northern Ireland a little village near Newry
    fifth time pregnat but only one child so far. Absolutly killed with heartburn from about 6 weeks apart from that every thing going smooth I'm now 11 weeks
  • Hiya, I am 38 and this is my 3rd! Have 2 boys aged 14 1/2 and 6 who I raised on my own, then nearly 4 yrs ago met the man I married last year. We originally thought that 3 between us was enough (he has a 10yr old daughter) but then after wedding in August decided we wanted one between us. Thought due to my age it would take months - if ever - but found out on 19th October that I'm expecting! Feels brand new again with our kids being so much older and it is definately harder this time round - had symptoms I never had before!
    Nice meeting you, Love Lee xxx
  • Squawhenry that must be hard for you but fingers crossed this one keeps going well. Lee, you've had quite a run of it too, I've noticed. Should have said, obviously, am 20+5, due 31 May. x
  • Hi I am 31 from Yorkshire 36 weeks today with my first. Not having a great time at the momment with hyperemesis, but still can't wait for little one to be born.

    Boys name Liam Reece or Emma Louise for a girl don't know which it's going to be yet.
  • Hi Mel,

    I'm Sonia, this is also my first and I'm 34 (will be 35 when baby arrives). I live in Aberdeen so just up the road from you. I've got family in Edinburgh so I'm there quite a bit. Nice part of the world! We got pregnant first month of trying so this has been all a bit sudden. But wonderful too! I had some problems at first with a suspected ectopic but since then I've been fine. Have been quite tired and obviously my trousers don't fit anymore but apart from that I've not felt very different.

    Why do you hate being pregnant? Have you suffered with bad symptoms? I count myself very lucky (even if I was in hospital at 6 weeks having a laparoscopy!) because I've not felt too bad. I'm still only 19 weeks so a long way to go for me!

    Sonia x
  • I'm 23 and from surrey, I got married last year in december and we had been ttc since march but I was very poorly with anemia so wasn't ovulating. Eventually conceived (sp) in October and I'm 17 weeks today, this is our first and I've had a textbook pregnancy so far (touch wood).

  • hi i'm 24 this is my first so a bit scared as don't know what to expect am nearly 9 weeks i think or could be a bit under. i was tired to start with now i just need a wee all the time but thats it!!! i feel great! hope this lasts! some how i don't think i am going to be that lucky! xx
  • Hello everyone, Sonia my family is from Huntly so know your part of the world very well indeed, in fact passing through to visit them tomorrow. I don't like the fact my body is just an incubator, I hate the fact I have had to stop running, I HATED being designated driver over the festive period, although I have completely gone off alcohol. I have been very ill with blinding headaches and general awfulness. I can't sleep at night (see my 5am post). I do count myself quite lucky when I read about some of the awful illness other girls on here are living with. I realise it will all be worth it in the end but wish the wait wasn't quite as long! princessjane, I'm pretty scared too! x
  • Sounds a lot Lara and puts my whinges in place! Just think maybe I was unprepared for how hard the pregnancy would be, kind of fixated on how awful labour will be! x
  • Oh Lara, wish I would start blooming too but think it's more just blooming awful!! xx
  • Hiya, im 20 (21 next month!) And from Burnley, Lancashire. This is my third time pregnant but first 2 ended in MC. Im 14 weeks today and due on 17th July. Hoping for a girl which ill call Olivia Grace, but Not bothered if i have a boy not sure what to call him yet though if i do! Find out the sex on the 4th feb (Cant wait!!) Apart from feeling tired and not having much energy all other symptoms went about 3 weeks ago! xx
  • Mikayla, think you are quite near me - I am in Bury/Bolton (edge of both!). Only been here 2 yrs so geography round here is a bit shit! Am 17 wks due 24th June but having a section on 17th!
  • I'm with you on the designated driver thing! Although I'm getting used to it now. And I also have gone of alcohol completely so it's not that big a deal. It's a big mental shift being pregnant. I'm not feeling like an incubator thankfully because my husband is constantly going on about all this hard work I'm doing in creating our baby! Don't feel like I'm working very hard and feel a little pressure then that it's all my responsibility to produce a perfect baby! I know he's not thinking that though. I think he's just relieved he doesn't have to do it!

    And I also empathise completely with the labour thing - but I'm using denial to cope with that!
  • Hiya, I'm from Guernsey, livin in eastbourne at the mo, and will hopefully b goin back to guernsey b4 baby is born.
    Am 21 and due on 27th June (my birthday!)
  • I'm from Livingston, not to far away from you. I am 32 and expecting our 1st munchkin in 8 weeks time - eek!!!! We got married in June'07 and decided to start trying for a baby straight away thinking maybe it would take a while, but we returned from honeymoon after making a ickle baby. So not much time to get used to the idea, but we are so excited.

    I have surprised myself as I love being pregnant, think my mum and sister thought I would be a total nervous wreck... as normally a bit of a worrier. Also not overylay broodie before we started trying, but knew we wanted children to share our lives with..... So far though I am glad to report my pregnancy also seems to be textbook. Well apart from just having returned from my 32 week MW appointment and I am measuring small for my dates so got to go for a growth scan, I have put on 2and a half stone, and it seems to be all bump, so we will just have to wait and see.

    Anyway nice to read all your posts and look forward to getting to know you all.

    Keep in touch.

    Lynnie x

  • im 39 i am pregnant with my 5th child my other kids are 20/19/17/16 so bit of a gap lol the only problem i have is really tired all the time other than that wouldnt even know i was pregnant x
  • Wow, anitarose, do you know how your kids feel about there being such a big age gap, must be a bit weird for them? x
  • helloooooo im jem 22 and 26+4 due on 21st april. this is my 3rd pg first 2 i mc. loving it all now after suffering with really bad hip pain and being on crutches for 2 weeks and 5 months of sickness!!! but 97 days to go so counting down !!
  • Hi im louise almost 31, first (and last) baby due 4 days before my birthday. Mixed feelings at the mo going from manic and excited to crying and scared. Not planned pregnancy but we are both happy (it took a while for me to be happy if im honest) Bored at the moment as not been at work since 22 weeks (now 35+4) due to blood pressure and lots of other probs. Dreading labour and scared to death that I may need a section as I work at the hospital im booked with-I work in theatres.
  • Hi there every one!! iam 25 and av 2 girls at 5 and 2 and expecting another one bout 6wks gone i think find out on 5th of feb when i av my booking in appointment with mw.
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