F.A.O Jennie.P

Hi jennie

you said when you went into labour you had your show in the toilet and your oh couldn't stop starting at it! lol. I've never had one before and wanted to know what it looks like so I know what to look out for??

Cheers, Karys.


  • haha! From what I can remember it was like whitey pink ectoplasm! Did you have your baby? (the pic on your profile is v cute!)
  • That's my 2 year old (well 2 in a week) I think that pic is cute too she looks so peaceful there!

    I'm nearly 14 weeks pregnant. I asked because nothing really happened like that with my first labour - my mw had to break my waters no nothing happened naturally. I just wondered what a show looked like as it must have been intriguing enough for your oh to be staring at it like you said!!
  • I think he was just grossed out by the manky blob on the floor 'staring at him' rather than it being that interesting! lol. I was in too much pain to deal with it so it just got left there till it was all over, when baby was born I was given a nice clean new room so i'm assuming the mw wouldve cleaned it away (yuck!) i'm sure they've seen it all before. It was quite a big blob, prob about an amount the size of a plum (so unmissable)
  • OMG didn't think it would be that big!!

    Did you have complications or go private? How did you get your own room after the birth. They usually move you onto a ward after the birth??
  • I was so so lucky. My local hosp (in Croydon) has just had a mw led birthcentre opened... its nicer than most private ones! You have to be low risk to go there and you cant have an epidural as they promote natural birth. They are understaffed so only have 2 mws at a time but there are about 7 rooms so thats why i was put into a new one afterwards. I had a mw all to myself the whole time.. it ws really wonderful. I had no complications (just used gas and air and birth pool for pain relief). I think the lovely environment and 1 to 1 mw helped things go smoothly. Was in labour for about 14hrs and it was bloody painful and i did get really scared because of the pain in the end but looking back i couldnt have asked for a better experience. My oh was even allowed to stay overnight afterwards. (i'm on the birthcentre in my profile pic). The thing is, if i had another lo i dont think i could risk not having baby in birthcentre as its 1st come 1st served and is in great demand.. i prob would go private.. even for ??4000! x
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