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Hi everyone, just wanted some opinions. I guess I could have posted on young mums but there are more people on pregnancy. Basically, I'm 19, & still will be when baby arrives. My mw wants the Sure Start midwife to contact me, she runs a young parents group for mums & mums-to-be under 22. Would it be worth going? I need to meet new people but what if everyone there is 15? Nothing against girls having babies that young but I'd just feel a bit out of place. Did anyone go to any groups such as this?
Thank you...


  • I dont think you would have anything to lose by going along at least once. You might meet some other women your age (dont mean to sound patronising, I only 25) and make friends with babies, so will be at the same time of ur life (does that make sense?)
  • my neighbour has started going to one, she didnt really want to as she thought it wld be full of 15/16yr olds, but said its ok and most r around her age (19)
    u could just go to one and see how it goes hun. xx
  • I had my first when I was 18 and I had nothing like this- I would have jumped at the chance to be honest. I did get to meet some really nice people but I feel if I had been able to meet with girls my own age it would have been much more beneficial to me

    Go for it- u have nothing to lose by giving it one try
  • i wish there had been something like that where i livewhen i had my 1st as it can be very lonely once oh is back at work. go along and if u don't like it u don't have to go back. xxxxxxxx
  • i was 19 when i had my first baby i was offerd to go to a young mums group,but didnt accept thought it would be 14-16 yr old girls and felt i would be a bit of a outsider lol prob one of the eldest there so gave it a miss,
    it wouldnt harm u to go once if you want to just go and check it out ,u might find it helpful,it must help cause lots of peolpe go to these groups xx

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