baby fluid!

Has anyone ever leaked some amniotic fluid without actually being in labour and just carried on as normal? Im 8 months preg and im sure i leaked a little bit of fluid. is it even possible or do you think its time i started my pelvic floor excercises? ha ha ha XX :\?


  • It may well of been wee sorry tmi but it is so common in late pregnancy to leak a bit and lots of woman ask the same question. Again you might be right seeings as not long left to go. Either way i hope everything goes smoothly!
  • sorry but going to be a bit gross here lol. it wasnt wee coz i had just had a wee which was really dark coloured coz ive been quite dehydrated, then when i stood up and pulled my knickers up i felt wet and there was clear fluid trickleing out of me! so i dont think it was wee. apparently someone told me you do lose fluid but you dont usually notice it? this is my 3rd pregnancy and ive never lost any fluid like this before!
  • Well i hope it turns out ok for you and i bet you can't wait to get it out now! Good luck with it all!
  • Thanks, good luck to you as well! i hope the next 3 weeks go fast and my baby is on time! my other 2 were late and i dont think i could cope carrying an extra 2 weeks again!
  • Tell me about it Coby was 13 days late then i had to be induced then i had to have emergency c section and they had to use forceps to get him out! I think we make it too comfy in there for them! Good luck and fingers crossed this one turns up on time lol.
  • hi it could be your back waters, theres 2 sacs of water around the baby. i lost mine at 28 weeks, then i lost all my waters at 35 weeks, hope this helps
  • oh really, i didnt know that! is that totally safe then? x
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