Hello! How r u 2day?

Just to say that the parcel still hasn't come image
I was excited to come in from work, but it's not here, maybe 2moro?? lol

Sharon x



  • oooo boo hoo...not happy....i asked the lady in the post office how long nad she said 2 days.....but 3 at the max which would have made it monday!! gggrrrr

    i think im just as excited as you...i keep checking this forum to see if you have had them.......dying to know if you like them....granted there will prob be one or two that you think "erm no!"....and those are prob the same ones that Mia will never have worn...but bless my nana ....she tries lol

    are you working today?? or is it another day curtain twitching instore for you??? I havent transferred any of the money from paypal to my bank yet so if it doesnt arrive soon i will send money back to you honey. image

  • Good morning.

    Dont worry surely it must come 2day eh? No im at work, but my neighbour is in all day and she takes my parcels in for me. Ill pop home at lunchtime and check. A man came up my path yesterday with a big box and i got excited, but it was my storage trunks i ordered from next lol.
    Thats bad that u posted on Thu and it's now Wed, bad Post Office!! HEHE.
    I will keep you updated chick xxx

  • ah i hope it gets there today....

    not that it has anything to do with her but the lady in the post office was useless, she was asking me where i wanted to stick the stickers??! hhhmmm

    im sure you will get it today image

  • Stick the stickers?? Is that not her job? lol
    Some people!! I take it it's a fairly big box? So it shouldnt just get misplaced lol.

    Ill let ya know xx
    Sharon x

  • yeah id say its a big box...when my other half go it out the garage i was like "thats way too big" but nope....everything fitted in snuggly. def wouldnt get misplaced.

    the lady in the post office asked the guy in front of me aswell......nd his face was a picture. bless she must have been new!!

    right i must go...its OH birthday today so im off to shop for ingredients to bake a cake!! fun fun fun.
    will check back on later.
  • Ok, i will let you know if/when it comes, fingers crossed!!
    Sharon x

  • Hiya
    Didnt really want to post this... but still no parcel image
    I really hope all the gorg clothes haven't gone missing, did u do recorded delivery?
    Sharon xx

  • oh no image
    the lady in the post office said that the parcels are all tracked internally with them now?? and it says on the receipt that they are tracked.
    if they are not there with you in the morning i will phone royal mail up and speak to them!!!
  • Ok thanks, i will phone my local post office 2moro and check its not there and theyve left it in a corner lol
    I keep blaming hubby cos i want it to be here for when i get home, im like 'for god sake Kev, where is it? lol

    Sharon x

  • hoping mr postman turns up today!!!!!!!!! xx
  • Yeah me too!! Let u know xxx
    Sharon x
  • Hi.....

    erm...not sure whats happening but the paypal transaction has been reversed nad your money paid back into you account?

    have the clothes arrived with you?? im going to ring royal mail now

    del x
  • Eh? thats strange! No it hasnt arrived yet.
    Let me know what post office says. The money has been taken out my account now, very weird! lol

    Sharon x

  • Just checked my paypal account, it says its been 'reversed', but i didnt ask for that! What the hell is going on? lol
    I will repay it, ill try my other paypal account xx
    Sharon x

  • called royal mail...which was a complete waste of time as the woman said there is nothing they can do. I was told at the post office that all standard parcels are delivered by 3working days...and are internally tracked now....which the lady on the phone tells me is not the case.

    i know im being completely silly but i feel awful now. If you feel better then im happy for you told hold on the payment and wait and see if they arrive with you.
  • I should come eh? They cant just vanish, is there anything i can do at this end? will my post office know anything?

    I hate royal mail lol
    Sharon x

  • im not sure there is anything you can do that end to be honest.
    im devasted i really hope they turn up!! my lovely clothes cant be lost!!!
  • Hi del

    So sorry to say, but still no parcel 2day image
    Maybe 2moro, i hope it hasnt went missing hun!
    Sharon x

  • Hi,
    Can i pls have ur email address? xx
  • have emailed it to you on here. x
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