Loss of appetite

Hi guys i was wondering if anyone else had this since being pregnant this time i havent felt very hungry and in the evening i have to force myself to eat something but with mt last pregnancy i was peckish pretty much all the time so any ideas as im fed up and a bit worried i want to make sure im eating enough for my baby thanks
Lin 19+4


  • Hi. My last pregnancy I was hungry mornings and evenings particularly and snacked throughout the day. But this time I seem to have lost all hunger and feel as though I'm eating for the sake of eating to be honest. I'm about the same stage as you (19+5). Don't think it's anything to worry about just try to eat what you can when you can xx
  • I only eat because I have to, v v v rare to feel hungry just feel sick too much. ( I miss being hungry and liking food)

  • i was like that with my first. it got better later on x
  • I find that I'm really hungry first thing and mid-morning but the rest of the day I just seem to be picking at things as I don't have much of an appetite at all. I've always had a healthy appetite so it feels a bit strange not being able to eat big meals but you soon get used to it, although it is frustrating when you sit down to your favourite meal and can't even eat half of it :roll: I haven't put on any weight yet but midwife isn't worried at all as baby is growing well so must be getting enough from my reserves xxx


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