Timings of Cravings.. Bump... etc...

I am nearly 17 weeks - and I am starting to get a little bump... but just wondered when things started to happen.. ie when you started to get a bump... all those sorts of things.. !!


  • Morning sickness started 4 wks, went at 10 weeks! (phew)
    I started to get a bump at about 15 weeks...
    First felt him moving at 19 weeks...
    Cravings: Had one for crumpets at 12 weeks and one for pickled onions now!
    It all depends, all different for different people!
    Philippa +baby boy! 21+3 x x x
  • im almost 3munths aint got much of bump yet.
    but been craving pikled onions n crisps n bacon n mushrooms cook in butter.
    Havent had much sickness apart from a tummy bug where i cudnt keep anythink down not even water. and keep vomiting n ad dirahora
  • cant realy say when i got a bump coz im chunky so it was less noticeable, got cravings throughout the pregnancy still got 89 days to go so ive still got time for more cravings. morning sickness the whole way so far and throughout the day.felt sprog first kick at 22 weeks and he hasn't stoped since.
  • well i had sickness from 6 weeks till aout 15 weeks but every now and then i will still be sick in the morning i have been craving.... well at first it was gravy then it was tinned spagetti on jacket potato then it was the small hard wine gums and right now its a roll with hard boiled egg sliced with loads of mayo and lettuce mmmmm want one now lol!!
  • nausea/sickness at 3-11 weeks,
    cravings for all types of things but usually stop after first or second eating of... first few weeks it was ham prawn and egg sandwioches and then it's been random foods for one helping then craving gone lol. wanting ice cream at mo lol
    bump ballooned up over last week or so and i'm 14 weeks today. had ballooned up at 7 weeks but it wasn't firm more like water retention PROPER bump firming out now woohoo looking pregnant and struggling to do a few things lol
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