Hay Fever

Hello Ladies,

I seem to have developed hay fever much earlier this year than normal, and considering i am just past 37 weeks its one more thing i could do without! Does anyone know what is safe to take for it in pregnancy?

C x


  • Hey.

    Im also suffering however have been told to rough it out if at all possible, they havent said what i can take but mw said to go to doc if it got unberable. Ive been staying in doors which isnt much fun but is def helping xxDBxx
  • I've basically been told to suffer as well! Eye drops and nasal spray's are safe - my gp told me they would prescribe me a nasal spray if I needed but not to buy over the counter. Horrible I usually spend the summer feeling like I've got a really bad cold if I don't take anything image
  • i'm suffering too. only 9 weeks so a very ling summer ahead to suffer. my midwife told me piriton might be ok but to speak to the pharmarcy for advise but to try not to take anything for the first 12 weeks so not much help there. would love to know what is safe though as its really starting to get me down. my eyes feel terrible which is making me feel even more tired than i already am at the moment.


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