Feeling hard done to, first scan

I cant help but feel hard done to.
I found out I was pregnant in November, my sisters due in Febuary so when I told her she mentioned it to her midwife in her next appointment (Id gone to all of them with her so id met the midwife before) She said I wouldnt be able to get an appointment until I was at least 12 weeks, which I found a bit odd because my sister got hers straight away, same as when she had her first. So I went trotting off to the docs to book my appointment and they wouldnt even book me a midwives for a while, they kept telling me to ring back so many days later.
Eventually just before christmas I got booked in for the 22nd Jan-if ive got my dates right that made me about 13 weeks. Time seemed to drag but I didnt mind so much-ok I had my fair share of rants everytime a bus was late about how everyone hated me and they were all against me, but I assumed the way they worked things had changed and you couldnt get your first midwife appointment until you were 12 weeks.
So now Im waiting for my letter from the hospital with my scan date, but from what Ive read and from people Ive spoken to nobody else has been made to wait that long to have their first midwife appointment. I cant help but feel a little hard done to, I should have had my scan by now or at least have been told the date.
Has anyone else had to wait like this?


  • Hi there I'm afraid thats the way things work these days. With my last baby I wasn't seen my a midwife until I was 14 weeks and didn't get my scan until I was 16 weeks. I'm currently pregnant again and was very suprised when I got my date through and I've to go and see midwife at 10 weeks which is next week.
    Hang in there, I know its a pain.
  • Hi there, seems that everywhere is different. My first appointment was at 8 weeks and by 12 scan actually took place when I was 14 weeks. I never actually got the letter from the hospital until about a week before my scan date either. Sorry it could be more positve!
  • It isnt fair that we are not all treated the same!
    I found out I was pregnant on Oct 19th, saw midwife 19th Nov, 24th Dec, 21st Jan (basically every 4 weeks) with my scan on 18th Dec. I feel I am lucky but this should be the norm for EVERY pregnant woman wherever they live surely?
  • I was luck and got my booking appointment last week at 9 weeks, but I wasn't expecting it till after12/13 weeks, like last time, I think alot depends an how many women they have on their books at a time.
  • Yeah, well I think its certain practices in my area-because I know women who have had midwives straight away who live in my area, so i suppose that makes it worse.
    I know in the long run it doesnt matter, but its making me so impatient....
  • i am seeing my midwife at 11 weeks my doctor sent off for my scan said i will get it between 12-14 weeks i haven't got date through yet i have booked a private dating scan just to check everything is ok as i am very impatient!! xx
  • I honestly think its where you live whcih isnt fair. l had my 1st appoint at 6 wks then my booking appoint at 10 wks and my scan at 12 wks, my next scan is 17th Mar but lm not seeing a mw till bout Apr which to me is a long time. lm sure if uv any concerns you can fone them? xx

  • I saw the midwife for the first time when I was 16 weeks. So I'm not surprised that they have had to make you wait. I really dont know why they dont make pregnancy more tress free. Instead. they make you wait for god knows how long. And then then stick needles in you just to come back for more needles.Bastards
  • ^^I know, my sister was made to go for her blood and anti-D injection on her birthday. She's terrible with giving blood as well, she has to have the bin in front of her because she's sick quite often...bless her.
    But the nasty people still booked her in on her birthday
  • hi i got booked in with my mw at ten weeks ans had first scan at 12 x x
  • with mine so far it's been dr's appointment to fill in prelim forms, height weight last period etc etc basically my health, that was as soon as i found out i was pregnant back in september, erm... told us that i had to make another appointment in about 3 weeks which by this point i was about 9 weeks then had to fil in more forms basicallys ame as 3 weeks earlier but a bit about partner as well. it wasn't untill i was about 12 weeks gone that i was actually officailly booked in at the hospital - bloods taken, urine bp etc n we had the first scan at 13 weeks. I think the whole havnig to fill in the forms abotu 3 time was because my dr's surgery at the time n the hospital are in different districts but since then i've changed surgerys n everythings been ok!!! don't know if it's because the surgery i'm with now know what they're on about or what but antaenatal appointments have been in par with the weeks i've been pregnant!!!!
  • Hayley_JC that must have been quite annoying though with the forms, I havent had many at all really, midwives sorted most of it. Although that reminds me I do have some things I need to fill in before my next appointment

    I got my letter today. Im having my scan next Monday-so if I have my dates right ill be nearly 15 weeks...Im so excited
  • hi i think it must just be differetn everywhere. i got my first appointmetn at 8 weeks thenmy scans at 12 and 20weeks. there wasnt really prob getting an appointment, guess im really fortunate then. but dont worry, if thats the way it is in your area then it must be perfectly safe...plus having appts early on makes it real early on and to be honest akes your pregnancy drag in!!
  • the whole forms i think were because of the differnet districts thy'ere only about 7 miles apart but hey! it's the nhs 4 ya!!! lol
  • lol-yeah that true

    I suppose I should be glad they weren't all too early, like you say it could make it drag-although this time keeps dragging now.

    OH keeps telling me it'll fly by, but its not. At least I have a date now, might even be able to tell the sex since ill be almost 15 weeks-although knowing my luck ill be told one thing, buy stuff then be told the opposite in my second scan
  • I had booking appt at 8 weeks and was referred for early scan at 10 wks after couple of bleeds and a bad fall. Had monthly appts since then with scan at 21 weeks. Now on fortnightly visits, the end must be in sight!
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