y dont they listen!!!

i am so sick of how oh thinks he nows wats best 4 me all last nite all i wanted t do was go 4 a walk
i av dat restless leg syndrome and its driving me mad usually id bring the dog 4 walk but o no last nite was too cold the dog wudnt move and i didnt wna go walkin on my own that was fine i had my hissy fit and got ova it..........

then decided that my room was a mess and that we needed to change it round he put the cot ryt b side the window(who does that)my poor child would get sik so i tried to explain this in the nicest possible way hehe:lol: :lol: so he walked out and went 4 a walk wich if he had of brought me t do that in the 1st place tis coud have all been avoided why dont they just listen
thank you 4 listening had to give out!!!!!!!!

carina 32+5xx


  • Poor you, my hubby can be like this and it really gets on my nerves. Sometimes i swear he does it just to wind me up. Take care xxx
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