Paternity leave - HELP!

Hey everyone

I will not be taking maternity leave, as I'm not working at the moment. But my oh qualifies for paternity leave. I'm 21+1 and I know he has to have notified his employer by the time I'm 25 weeks...but what forms does he need? He spoke to his work and they say he needs a MATB1 form. So I called my mw and asked if I could collect one when she was next working. But she told me that the MATB1 form is only for the mother when taking maternity leave - and definitely not the father - she made this very clear. Now me and oh are arguing about it :roll: Cos he's fussy and needs everything in on time and I leave it all to the last minute. But it's not my fault!!

So what does he REALLY need to take paternity leave? I asked mw if he needed proof of my pregnancy or his work needed to see my maternity notes (where he is clearly listed as the dad!) and she said he might do but my oh is insistent it is the MATB1 form! Help!


  • My oh told his employer he would require paternity leave and they sent him a form to fill in from there HR centre
  • Hello there,
    Your hubby does defo not need a MATB1, that is only for the mother if she is planning on taking mat leave. Someone has told him wrong info. My fiance just had to contact his HR dept and fill in a form, get your hubby to ask at work again or maybe check out the Department for Work and Pensions website?
    Good luck. X
  • get your matb1 form and photocopy it and give oh copy of it - thats what we did, and his work were happy with that. his work should also give him an SC3(?) form, which is basically a form confirming he his the father and that he will be taking time off to support the mother (ie you)
    hope i helped a little.
  • Thanks girls. Any other experiences? I think we've reached a compromise lol, he says he'll get up and call HR tomorrow (he works nights so it can be hard to get hold of them) and I said I will call mw just to check again. x x

  • hi my oh just wrote a letter saying when baby is due and aked for paternity leave. gave it to his boss. and it was sorted with no problems. dont know if your oh half can do the same. anyway hope it all gets sorted x.
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