When did you start to get a bump?

hi ladies, im just interested in when everyone started to see there bumps? As everyone varies so thought it be good to see what everyones was like 😁


  • Hi Sophiemarie, I hope you are well!

    I'm a bit podgy round the middle so I'm not seeing any bump so to speak at 14 weeks. I just look like I've had more cake than usual, ha! Hopefully in the next month or so I'm hoping I may start to look like I have a bump!

    How about yourself?

  • I started to show from about 18 weeks now am at 30. I have been taking a photo every week from 12 weeks and it shows how your body changes because this is my first and to be fair I ain’t ever been skinny I thought it would take much longer as am usually a 14/16 in cloths but the real huge bump came about 24 weeks and now it just gets in the way lol 

  • Me too im at the rounded stage at 14weeks but no bump...but im a bit overweight to start with lol

  • I really started to have a round bump around 20+ weeks and by the time I got to 28 weeks it was really obvious. I think all women are different. As this is my first I kept noticing it on myself more than others from 9 weeks on 

  • With my first three I only started to show after 20 wks, and then it was just a little podge. My proper hard pregnant bump came around 25 weeks,but it was still so tiny.

    This time I can clearly see a tiny podge now and I'm 11 weeks. But this is my fourth and my third is only 16 months old, whereas there's a 6 year gap between each of my other three .

    I must have good tummy muscles, that keep it all pulled in,till now haha.  Xx

  • This is first baby so I started to get my bump on a little later than existing Mummies. I started to notice a change (that wasn’t bloat) around the 18 week mark, but not so that anybody else other than hubby would notice. I would say it was around 23/24 weeks that I felt I was properly bumpy to the point where people would ask if I was pregnant. But I would say it was at 28ish weeks people stopped asking if I was and started asking when I’m due. I‘m now fast approaching 34 weeks and there’s no disguising it now, however I have been told by people that my bump is little..... I’m actually measuring 3 weeks over on my fundal height, so who really knows!

  • I am 8 weeks pregnant and finding it hard to conceal! I got huge bloat at 5 weeks and I have the slanty belly thing going on - i look like I’m about 3 months pregnant never mind two months, however I am quite slim. A size 8-10 normally! 

  • That’s exactly what im like now im nearly 6 weeks and so bloated i look 3months gone already lol! i was a size 6 and jeans already getting a bit tight 🙈 xx

  • Sophie it’s mad ain’t it?! If I wear anything that doesn’t hoick my belly in its all free flow haha! The other day a random fella offered to help me with some bags! He was all fussing because I looked so pregnant in my maxi dress! X

  • hahaha yeah its crazy! Im due to go on holiday with my friends this week ( who obviously dont know yet) but there gonna take one look at me when i gef in my bikini and ask the if im pregnant lol. My partner even question if i was sure i was only 6 weeks 😂🙈 xxx

  • I look more than five weeks. I’ve gone up a cup size and I am so uncomfortable in anything! I’m a size 8/10 as well and am struggling to conceal it in evenings when the bloat makes it more noticeable. My Mum knows but I’m sure my MiL will guess soon. (We’re all really close). 

  • With my first I had a tiny little bump at 12 weeks (the bump where you can’t quite be sure if someone’s pregnant or not) I was a size 8 back then but by 16 weeks I had an obvious bump xx

  • I started showing at 12 weeks and took weekly too and could see the difference in the pics. I was a size 8 and went up to a size 18 by the time I was 34 weeks my Lil man weighed in at 8lb 7oz and now 7 years later I have only just got back down to a size 10-12 as no matter what I did it just wouldnt budge x

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