Did antone get a negative on the day AF was due and if so when after that did you get you BFP???


  • Yes I did - negative cd28 and positive cd33 and that was on a fr which says it detects hormone 6 days before af is due - apparently i just fell a few days later than i thought but it still should have picked it up. Someone told me the hormone can take a few days or so to build up properly in urine which is the only reason i left it a few days before deciding id better test again otherwise i would have assumed my periods were just messed up! Good luck!


  • Thanks anna that gives me a little more hope for this month xx
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  • Hi rache,

    I've never actually had a negative reading, but last time my line was so faint you could hardly tell it was poss, i actually took it as a negative reading, then done another one week later then week after that & the lines were getting deeper & deeper. Try again in a few days & hopefully you may get a positive reading !

    Fingers crossed for ya xx
  • ooohhhh hun i hope this is gonna be your time hun lol xxxx

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