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hi there
I am looking for advice. I am a teacher and am pregnant. My due date is the 24th July. Which is in the school holidays. If I make it to the last day of school in July without giving birth, will my maternity leave start in September when school goes back or on the day I give birth.

Very Confused:\?


  • hello i work in a school too but it starts the day you give birth xxxxx
  • Hi BAMS,

    not 100% sure on this one - would you normally take the summer holidays as annual leave?

    If you do then I think you will take annual leave up until the day that you give birth and then your maternity will kick in from your birth date.

    Like I said I'm not 100% sure but I think that is how it would work
  • Hi

    Your maternity would start the day you give birth, so you could tell work that your maternity start date would be the day your baby is due. If baby comes before this date then your maternity kicks in then. So you could put on your form you want maternity to start from July 24th as this is school holidays for us anyway. I had my baby on July 8th but maternity started on June 29th. I worked up to 2 weeks before my due date and even then Lily came early.
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