Im in labour!

Hi ladies just thought id let you all know im about to leave for the hospital as i think im in labour (fingers crossed it doesnt stop this time) been having contractions since about 10:30 last night didnt get much sleep have had a bath and paracetamol this morning which eased the pain a bit but know they have started getting closer together and stronger have rang the labour ward and have been told to go in so fingers crossed will let you all know how things go when i next get the chance Sophie 38weeks today xx



  • ooh good luck Sophie, so excited for you, let us know your news as soon as you have any.
    Take care
    Em x
  • Good luck Sophie hope all goes well, and can't wait to read your birth story! Tammi xxx
    31.4 weeks
  • Good luck! Hope all goes well for you. Cant believe you took the time to post on here when you were in labour! I would be in a right panic! :lol:

  • Good luck! Hope everything goes well.
  • Good luck!!! hope all goes well xx
  • Good Luck! I hope that you have a troublefree labour and everything goes well for you. Can't wait to read about the birth story!!

    Hales - 35 weeks today!!
  • good luck hope it all goes well x
  • Heya sweetie, good luck and hope that everything goes well for you xxxxx
  • oooooooooo! im excited for you!!! hope everything goes well for you and lo
  • That is brilliant news!!!

    Cant wait to hear how you got on babe!!!

    Love Lee
  • Hey ladies just thought id let you know im back home have been sent back as labour is progressing really slowly and i would be more comfortable at home. Got into hospital this afternoon and got monitored then the contractions went really irregular had an internal tmi and the contractions aint actually doing that much my cervix is open soft etc but i havent actually started dilating yet although that was at 6 this evening and i have still been having contractions had another bath and they are getting fierce again lol just thought id keep you all updated thanks for the support Sophie 38weeks today xx

  • Nooo that sucks!! Hopefully they will get stronger and you'll be 10cm by the time you get to the hospital lol. With no pain obviously. LOLxxxx

  • Thanks tigerlily been thinking of you all day to be honest have been saying poor tigerlily i cant belive its happened to me first lol really expected to go 12 days over again it suprising what a really hot bath with clary sage and a quickie lol does to make labour start lol thanks for your support Sophie xx
  • I am not too worried - babys fully engaged now I found out today. I don't think I will go too much over - dont mind going overdue just not 14 days god help me!!

    I think with ur first lo so overdue then this one needs to be a good girl and make an early appearance! xxxx

  • Oh, no, hope it doesn't drag out too long for you.
    Good luck
    Em x
  • Oh no! Was thinking about you earlier and wondering if you had had your lo yet. Now I know! Hope all progresses well, and that you dont need to rush in in the wee small hours! Good luck xx

  • hope all is going well and good luck,hanna 34+1 x
  • Good luck Sophie! Will wait to see news of your imminent arrival hopefully.

  • hope everything goes ok for you and LO!!
    Good luck!!
    cant wait to hear ur birth story!!

    elaine xx

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