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Hi ladies

hope you and bumps are all well. totally off subject here!

i'm getting married a year August and have started to think about honeymoon - take my mind off not being at all prepared for baby!

just wondering where you ladies went for yours and if you would recommend it? would love to go to the maldives but heard the weather there in august is not great.

any recommendations much appreciated



  • We wanted to do the Maldives but got married in Sept and heard the same as you.... Sounds horribly boring but we actually stayed in the country!! We spent two weeks down in Devon/Cornwall and had a fab time, we had 4 nights in a hotel on Dartmoor and got spoilt (it was so nice not having to cook) and then we moved into a cottage for 2 in Wadebridge.....

    Looking back I'm glad we did what we did as the wedding preparations took so much out of me - not to mention the day itself it would have been a shame to fly all that way and not appreciate it (I slept for the journey and first 2 days)
  • Hello, we're getting married in August 09 when our little one will be 7 months! We've decided to stay in the UK and have booked a cottage in Wales for a week - hoping for some good weather! So it's not what I would have originally planned for a honeymoon but reckon it will be lovely anyway!

    Em x

  • Hiya

    I got married in june this year and we done a carribbean cruise and it was AMAZING!! It was a Princess cruise and was gorgeous.
    We got engaged in Cancun, Mexico and i REALLY REALLY recommend the Golden Crown Paradise Spa (although im sure it has sinc changed it's name)., that holiday was fantastic!!

    Sharon x

  • We got married last August and couldn't really afford a massive honeymoon as we had paid for the majority of the wedding ourselves. We ended up going to Gran Canaria for a fortnight in the September, it was where we had our fave holiday previously so just had to go back again and loved it xxx

  • I got married in April and we went to Barbados. It was totally amazing and well worth it, probably wont be able to afford another holiday like that until lo leaves home!! xxxx
  • We got married in March around Tom's 1st birthday so couldn't really leave him for long. We managed 3 nights in Rome which was brilliant. Said a few prayers in the churches we visited for a new baby and I'm having him on Tuesday !!!
  • I actually got married 2 years ago in Florida and it was amazing. We then spent 2 1/2 weeks in Florida. All our family were there for about 10 days with us and it was great and we still had time on our own. It was our 3rd time in Florida and can't wait to go back again.
  • I got married in sept 06 in Jamaica (in ocho rios). We married and stayed at a hotel called the Sunset Jamaica Grande and we loved it so much we went back last year for our 1st wedding anniversary.

    We wanted to have something special for our wedding but couldn't afford a decent do here so we looked at prices abroad and did both wedding and 2 week honeymoon in jamaica for a fraction of what it would have cost to have it here. Truly a wonderful country with fantastic people. had the best time of my life.

    Suzi 22+5 xxx
  • We got married in June but hubby had to go to Iraq 5 days after the wedding and wasnt due back until the end of November so we booked our honeymoon for December!

    We're going to Mexico!

    He was lucky enough to only have to do half his tour and he came home in August and I'm now 11+3.

    I'll be 17+4 when we fly so won't be taking advantage of the all inclusive or unfortunately going on any adventurous trips but I'm so ecstatic to be pregnant none of that really matters.

    It'll be 2 weeks of relaxation and the hotel and resort look fabulous! x
  • Hi,

    Congrats on your engagement (and your pregnancy too!). I went to the Maldives on holiday in September 2006 and had a wonderful time, so would highly recommend it (especially if you like getting away from it all and relaxing on the beach lots). As another poster said, the weather can be bad around August/September, so its worth doing your homework on potential weather (here's a useful website showing typical weather information for different destinations: I'd also recommend looking at under the forums for information from people that have been to different hotels/islands).

    The week that we were there was boiling hot everyday and with just a couple of overcast mornings. But the previous week had been torrential rain everyday according to the island's workers/longer term residents.

    I got married earlier this year in May -we had our wedding in Mauritius and then a honeymoon straight after in the Seychelles. - Mauritius and the Seychelles were definitely expensive (but worth it!). In comparison, we thought the Maldives was comparable and just as idyllic (but better value really, particularly if you go all inclusive in the maldives because it often includes all drinks).

    If you have any questions then let me know.

  • We got married in August 3 years ago. I'd always dreamed of an exotic honeymoon but actually decided that 2 weeks on a deserted island would bore me to tears! We looked into Sri Lanka and Mexico but the weather put us off, didn't fancy hurricanes/cyclones ruining everything! So went went to Italy for 10 days and had a fab time. (Tuscany for a week and Florence for 3 days) Going somewhere nearer meant we could afford more luxurious accomodation as flights were cheaper.

  • hey I got married in july and went to icmeler in Turkey. it was beautiful. plan was to go back this year but then bump appeared!! might be a bit hot though for baby.. it was 40+ degrees all week we were there
  • Hi we got married last year and went to Maldives on 5th august for 2 weeks and had fantastic weather everyday. There were 2 rainstorms at night in the whole 2 wks which were amazing to watch and that was it. I can't recomend maldives enough i loved it, though don't know if it would be quite the same with a babe in tow! This was cause the main thing to do on the islands is dive/snorkal/swim and obviously you couldn't really do this together with baby. Saying that if i had chance to go again even with baby i def would. Sure you will have a great time whatever you do. xxx
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