when is everyone going on mat leave?

Hi im a teacher n im due 31st may...im hoping to get up to may half term which would be 22nd may which would make me 39wks....have i got my head in the clouds? this is my first baby n not sure how far tiredness etc will allow me to keep working. rather have more time off with baby rarher than sitting on my fat bum watching jeremy kyle alone at home before the birth!!

when is every1 else starting meternity leave?


  • 3 weeks and counting!! i'll be 37 weeks and quite honestly would go now if i could!

    how stressful / active is your job? I work in PR so generally just sit at a desk all day, but if you're having to bend down with the kids or lift them, then I'd probably advise to finish a bit earlier!
  • 3 weeks and counting!! i'll be 37 weeks and quite honestly would go now if i could!

    how stressful / active is your job? I work in PR so generally just sit at a desk all day, but if you're having to bend down with the kids or lift them, then I'd probably advise to finish a bit earlier!
  • im going on maternity leave 2 weeks before my due date but i've managed to book 5 weeks holiday off before that (i only work saturdays) so i finish in 2 weeks! yay! xxx
  • my job is really tiring and quite stressful (i teach y6 and its SATs pressure time from now until middle of may!!) maybe i will have to go off earlier?
  • I'm finsihing next friday, will be 37 weeks. In all honesty I didn't realise how tired I'd get during these last few weeks. 39 weeks might be pushing it and you'll need sometime to yourself before the baby comes. I spoke to my mw and she recommends to finish at 34 weeks at changes will start to happen to your body preparing for birth.
  • I was going to leave at 38 weeks but am now hoping to go at 36! I'm already getting tired and achey and still have 9 more weeks until then!

    Bec 26+6 x
  • Im a Nurse and plan to go off at 36 weeks but have 2 weeks holiday before that so ill be 34 weeks. I feel like i could go now really as im very tired and starting to get back ache. Personally its how u feel alot of people in my work have left at 29 weeks and cant believe ive still got 4 weeks left!

    Jennie 29+5
  • Hiya,
    Im a nurse on a busy medical assessment unit and I finish in 2 weeks tomorrow - I will be 35 weeks and the first 2 weeks will be annual leave then mat leave from then on. Im definately starting to slow down at work (I normally run around like a loon) and I am finding it harder especially as I havent slept through a night since beginning of December! Just to add, ppl are always telling me how small I am for how far gone I am so size doesnt necessarily dictate how you feel as you get further along!

    Good luck with coming to a decision.

    Becky x

  • Hi,
    Im a teaching assistant working with children in nursery aged 3-5y.im finishing on the 20th march which will make me 34 weeks. i have had two weeks off sick with pds and a sprained foot then i have the feb half term off so when i go back i only have four weeks to work.
    i would finish now but i dont want to go back till jan.
    i also have a very active 2 1/2 y old at home
    i would not work till 39 weeks i think you need time at home my daughter came a week and a bit early too.(i finished at 34 weeks with my daughter)
    emma 29+1 xxxxxxxxx
  • Im going to leave at 36 weeks, I dont have a job that requires much standing but Id like a bit of time at home to get everything sorted and have a little break before the baby arrives and all hell breaks loose!

    16+4 xx
  • It's still early days for me as am only 10 weeks today (1/4 way - whoohoo!) but I want to go on mat leave quite early as I want to have plenty of time to prepare the house and also some 'me' time before life totally changes!
    I will probably finish at about 34 weeks with the first 3 weeks of that being annual leave.
  • 13 Weeks & counting!!!

    I'll be 33 weeks when I finish!! I'm taking 5 weeks holiday from work, then my mat leave will start the week before my due date!!!

    Bring on the sunshine!!!!

    20+1 x
  • i will be nearly 35 weeks when i finish, i am having to start my mat leave then as have no holidays left image but to be honest i dont think i could work beyond then as i am already knackered now
    and if i could i would start it earlier.

    Also have loads of things that i want to get sorted at home before baby comes and just dont have the time whilst working 5 days!

    Nina 29+5 xx
  • i finished at 36 weeks but by the time i was 32 weeks i was (sorry for swearing) completely f*cked! i had to get the bus to and from work and was up every morning at 6am with severe morning sickness right up to 36 weeks...i've never felt so tired, i'd be crying most mornings and i think i'd definately want to finish earlier next time!! x
  • when I was expecting my son, I went off at 35 weeks, as it was summer and I was really struggling with the heat and tiredness. But he was then 2 wks over due so I was off for 7wks before he came and by the time he came I was climbing the walls.

    This time my Maternity leave starts 12 April, And i'm due 19, but I am taking a couple of weeks leave before that as well. I am part time now, whereas I was full time last time.

    I think if you are finding it tiring now it is worth going a little earlier as you can get as much sleep in before hand as possible.

  • Im quite bad, i only had 4 days before my first and with my last daughter i was at work the morning before i had her! Getting induced with this one on monday 9th march and planning on working right the way up lol. I really cant cope with sitting at home all day waiting, prefer to have more time off with the baby after but then i have an office job so its not too stressful although i do have SPD which sometimes makes it uncomfortable.
  • I go today WOOHOO !!!

    To be honest i'm only going today (33 weeks) because it was the only way to protect myself from being made redundant had this not been the case I was planning at going at 36 weeks. I am already completly and utterly knackered and falling asleep really early in the evening plus have a very bad back so I think in the long wrong its probably a good idea for me to go early just so I can get a rest and try to ease my back pain before labour and a newborn baby !!

    MrsW 33+1
  • I am planning to leave 4 days before due date ( due 22 Aug). I am also a teacher (but in Scotland and we go off earlier) and am on holidays in July and half of August anyway. There is no point in taking holidays as mat leave as you don't get it all back. I am going in on the first day back but it is an inservice so only a couple of meetings and no pupils. Really I'll have stopped working at 32 weeks so can't complain!
  • i'll be leaving at 32 weeks, mat leave to start 1 week before due date and the rest is holidays i'll loose if i dont take! 12 weeks and counting!
  • I am a teacher and I went off two weeks before I was due but had Lily a week ealry nearly! So only got a week to myself really. I felt fine and had a good pregnancy which helped.
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