breast pump???

which brand/electric or pump, ru all buying???
do all bottles fit? or do u have 2 buy the same brand as the pump??.


  • We werent gonna get a pump untill i knew i could breast feed but we got our at the asda baby event for ??10 reduced from ??25, its the tommie tippee one, u do get a bottle with it, but i had already brought avent sterliser and bottles!! But the the pump comes with a small top so all my bottle fit fine! Bargin!

    Jennie 28+3
  • thats v good price- damn i missed tht event!... we will get 1, wether i can breast feed or not, id rather use my own milk than formula...
  • Yea i want to breast feed definalty, i think the asda event may end today!! So u still might be able to get one! xx
  • awwww... nt sure if i want 2 tackle 2 snow 2 gt 2 asda...cant believe i didnt gt thr sooner
  • The asda baby event is on until 15th Feb, its also online but when i looked last night the TT closer to nature pump was out of stock, I managed to get one my local asda store today but stocks are running low on all the baby event products cause there just such good value! I got the TT closer to nature bottles to match the pump, but the pump does come with one small bottle, but if u have a bottle that doesnt fit, u can tip the milk into the other bottles surely?

    Hope you make it to the baby event at asda!

    Lea 20+0
  • My local Asdas baby even does not finish till 15th Feb and they still have ??10 tt sterilisers in.

    vik x x
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