i feel like a punch bag ...

My lo is the same- I am 36 weeks now and she is really starting to hurt her mummy!! She really does find some of the most uncomfortable positions.


  • Would you believe my lo is exactly the same- I rarely feel her move when I'm up and about and when I sit down its like 2 mins later and she just goes mad!!
    Apparently its because when we move about effectively we are rocking our babies so they mostly sleep- then when we stop rocking them ie sit down and rest they waken. I think we are going to need a sling when they arrive otherwise we won't get anything done!!
  • I am 36+2 with number four, a girl, we are getting really excited now. Is this your first?? I already have two boys and one girl so this will be our family complete.
    I am at that horrible stage where you just feel so big and awkward (and sore) but at the same time want to enjoy being pregnant coz it has to be my last
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