FAO twin mums RE maternity leave?

My twin girls are nearly three weeks old. I decided I was going to go on maternity leave as soon as was viable (28 weeks in Ireland where I live) but was signed off work sick by 20 weeks. I worked in a office but was still struggling and it was a stressful role and doctor wanted to sign me off. If you are anything like me you will not be able to stand for 5 mins let alone 5 hours as you reach the latter stages (though I know Em1983 was changing king size duvets just before her girls were born lol x)


  • I haven't got there yet but am planning to leave as soon as I can. I have a week's leave to take so will finish at 28 weeks (only 8 weeks to go - yay!) and mat leave will kick in at 29 weeks. All the ladies at work who have had twins have said that I will be good and ready to leave by then. I'm already struggling to sit at my desk all day cos my bum gets uncomfortable!
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