How long is your oh taking off work?

The title says it all..
Is your oh taking his paternity leave and how long etc.
My oh reckons that he doesn't want to take pat leave as we will be losing money and just take 3 days holiday after baby is born. I think that losing this little bit of money won't compare to him taking his pat leave and spending time with our baby.
What does everyone else think and what are you planning on doing?



  • My OH is the same but says he will take 5 days leave so hopefully taking into account a weekend either side, we should get almost 10 days at home together before he goes back. I think its really sad that men cant have longer paid paternity leave, I think its really important for them to have that time


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  • my oh is taking a week but he'll only get statutory pay cos he's not been there long! he would love to take longer but just can't afford it! because his hours and days of work changes every week hopefully baby will come when he is scheduled to have a few days off ! i bet it won't work out like that though!
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  • Hi hun

    My will be taking two week, one week mat leave and the next week as holiday.

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  • My hubby runs his own business so not working= not getting paid!

    He is however taking 1 week totally off, no phonecalls emails etc (so he says!) and has put some money aside for this. He then hopes to work from home for 1 week on limited stuff- will be avaliable for phone/email etc but still be with us.

    Then depending on when baby comes my Mum will come for 1 wk and then his Mum for 1wk.
  • My hubbie is planning on taking a month off, 2 weeks paternity and 2 weeks leave...

    I think its just as important for him to bond with the baby as much as me and Id hate him to miss the first few weeks of little beans life.

    Im lucky I guess but we have saved for ages xx
  • My OH is self employed and the only earner since i had to give up work, so he'll bo off the day i deliver, and while i'm in hospital to look after the boys, and that'll be it! We've started putting some money aside so he can have the half term holiday off so that we all get to spend the week together as a family, but for the few weeks leading up to that, looks like i'll be doing it on my own!! xx
  • my fiance will have 4 weeks off. 2 weeks full paid paternity and 2 weeks leave. he will start it once i'm out of hospital as i'm going to be in there for a few days so there is no point him being off before then.

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  • My hubby is taking 2weeks paternity but only gets half pay for second week, then taking two weeks holiday. So he'll be there to help for full 4weeks, although quite alot of people i know said they couldnt wait for other half to go back to work so they could sort out there own routine!
  • Aren't they only entitiled to statutory pay anyway (the same ??117 as what we get for smp) or do some employers pay more?
    I think he's deciding now to take a week paternity then a week at work then a second week paternity then back at work as normal and just use holiday from then on when he wants it.
  • My hubby works for NEXT and he gets 2 weeks fully paid paternity leave. I guess we're lucky as loads of people don't seem to get paid for their leave.
  • My OH took 5 weeks off with Charlie & will do again for this one.. he was a bit dubious about needing so much time off but I was in hospital a week and really needed him when I was home - He loved being at home and helping & felt sad leaving us both going back to work.

    I mean yeah you miss the money but a couple hundred pound here or there really if you look back in 20 years time what are you going to remember the money or the memories - that's how I put it to my OH.. He is saving his holidays again for it this time.. but what helps is he does 4 days on 4 days off so if he books 4 days off he has 16 off if that makes sence?

    I know everyone can't do it because if you just can't afford to live there is not much you can do about it.

    3 days might seem like a while off but of course it depends on your experiance hopefully you'll have a really easy and lovely labour (and fingers crossed for me too)

    maybe say if your in hospital 2 days one for labour and one the day after just cause you might need observations or whatever that only leaves you all 1 day at home - hon he might just simply not relise that you'll need that time?


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  • I think when the time comes your oh will realise that he wants to be at home and its more important. obviously that isnt an option if you cant afford it but if you can id defo say to him that you want him home for extra help and support.
    My oh took 2 weeks off with tegan, this wasnt paid as he hadnt been working there long and this time he is having 2 weeks off stat paternity pay, but has the option of taking holiday aswell if he needs/wants to xxx
  • My hubby is in the army and will get 2 weeks paternity leave on full pay. I'm hoping he will be able to be add a little bit of leave onto that so we might even get a bit longer together.

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  • My hubby is taking 2 weeks pat at smp rate, then back to wrk then hol a few weeks later xx
  • My hubby is a teacher and our baby is due 21st August (school summer hols). We are hoping baby comes ontime. He is due back in work on 5th September but will probably then tke 1 or 2 weks pat leave. We still need to work out our finances - which is such a rubbish way of looking at it!!
  • I have told h2b he is not taking paternity as we can in no way afford it. H eis carrying 5 day of holiday over from this year so he is going to take 2 weeks off as holiday full paid. His work have provisionally booked him off 2 weeks either side of my due date

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  • My DH is taking a week pat leave (statutory paternity pay - grrr), but he is going to take 2 weeks anual leave when bubs is a few weeks old (we are thinking of going on a cheap, UK holiday for one of the weeks).

    The problem we have, is that my OH is an accountant, and I am due to give birth right on year end (April) so appart from the fact that his company would be screwed if he took too much pat leave (he is THE company accountant) it would effect his bonus and things too.

    I do wish he could have longer with me and the baby though. image

  • My hubby gets 1 week full pay paternity 1 week statutory and 2 weeks holiday - he would take more but he is lucky that he is based from home so will snaek a bit of time here and there xx
  • oh starts a new job this week so he has no paternity rights but will have built up a little holiday by then so he will be taking 2 weeks of, one of them unpaid. He may loose the job over this but he wouldn't miss it for the world. He can always get a new job but cant get that precious time back.

    Do you know in Canada you get a year between you to take off! I think the paternity rights in this country suck!
  • My hubby is in the RAF and they are really good, he gets 2 weeks paternity leave on full pay and he can extend it with leave if he wants and they get a generous amount, up to 9 weeks a year x
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