Low Amniotic Fluid?


Been back for another growth scan today as bump was measuring 3-4 weeks ahead of dates and confirmed baby is big but within normal limits. however, now they are worried that my amniotic fluid level is low. I am 31+1 weeks.

Anybody else have low amniotic fluid levels?

I have to go back for another scan next week and another the week after and also see the consultant in between.

They hooked me up to the monitors this morning to check baby was ok and all seemed fine, moving around plenty and heartbeat fine.

Just wondering if anybody else had a similar experience?

thanks x


  • One of my twins has low amniotic fliud (deepest pool of 3cm) whilst the other is normal (deepest pool of 6cm). The consultant is not worried about the levels (it's the growth he is worried about which is unrelated). What we are finding is that the deepest pool or liquor volume measurement is very variable and inaccurate. It's a good guide but varies quite a lot (by as much as a cm) each time we have it done (weekly) as they measure the deepest pool they can see. Therefore they said if the baby has it's legs up or apart then they only measure from the top of the sac to the leg which obviously makes the measurement smaller. I think amniotic fluid levels do reduce slightly in the 3rd trimester and babies can manage with relatively little. As long as their kidneys and bladder are working OK then I'm sure it will be fine.

    Good luck and I'm sure all will be OK xxxx
  • Thanks. I made the silly mistake of googling it and got a bit scared!!! But the kidneys and umbilical cord etc were checked at the scan and all was fine and I'm going to be monitored weekly.

    The level was 4.5cm so only half a cm lower than the 'normal' threshold. I understand there can also be some concern that it could restrict the baby's growth but since he is measuring large (also being monitored) that's clearly not an issue!

    Just hoping they don't try to induce me early because of it, although I would love to meet my little man earlier!!!
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