aching in bed....oh to be comfortable again!!!

I love my bed!!! Best thing ever invented in my opinion...but i just cant get comfy now!!!! My back aches and my hips too. Cant seem to 'melt' into bed anymore after a tiring long day at work. Had a bit of a pathetic cry last nite to hubby saying 'i just wana be comfortable weep weep' hehehehe woke up to mascara all ovefr my white pillow cases!!!

Anyone else like this?

K 29+2


  • hey hun i rem,ember the feeling well frm my last pregnancy and iv started with the achey back already this time round!!i find a hot water bottle helps ur back and when i had achey hips aswell in my last pregnancy i got a few extra pillows and stuffed them under my legs etc xxx
  • Im with ya love!!
    the lower back ache is horrendus and bed has become a pain in the arse on top of that lol.
    I got a long pillow that u are supposed to melt round to ease the pains and aches but i just get too bloody hot !
    have u found also that turning over in bed has become like a 3 point turn??
    i think my dear we r gonna have to put up with it, worst luck eh, but if it hard for us lets make our men folk know about it eh.. im demanding rubs and extra cuddles from now on!!

  • Oh I agree hun! I'm 20w today with twins and it feels like I can never get comfortable! It's really getting me down as I can't relax on the sofa or lie happily in bed! I've tried the pillows and water bottle but not really helping,I keep telling hubby he'll have to buy me a recliner sofa and I might be happy lol. xx
  • oh my god M + K yes!!!! turning over is like a 3point turn hehehe!!!!!! I make noises like my nan..oooh, arrrgghh, eeee, ooohhh!!! And then when i finally get turned over i realise need the loo...again!!!! The joys of pregnancy eh?
  • Oh hell yeah, i can totally sympathize if i try laying on either side i get jumpy legs and if i lay on my back it goes into spasm!!! so atm i'm in a no win situ, and yeah rolling over is a course in torture too lol

  • im exactly the same. I love sleep and my bed soooooo much, but the last few nights have been awful..i also got a big pillow but then get too hot, and getting up or turning over is an awful lot of effort, and i get aches and pains in my back and ass, my hubby is beginning to sympathise with me and has started 'hoisting me' out of bed lol. sleeping is becoming hard work but my mum informs me that its my body preparing for sleepless disturbed nights when baby arrives??? when i get tired and cranky i just look down and rub my belly and talk to bump and i know its all worth it!

    bailey_b 33+3
  • Being able to get comfy in bed again is one thing I'm really looking forward to when baby is born. Although, its not gonna matter anymore if we're just gonna get woken up through the night!

  • yeah image i would do ANYTHING and i mean anything for a decent nights sleeps. my spd is getting worse and when i eventually climb into bed of night i cant move, my oh has got to help me and even then its a struggle. i use about 8-10 each night just trying to get comfortable which helps a little but not alot xx
  • I put the edge of a pillow under my bump while I slept on my side and found this really helped x
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