Hip/pelvis pain in first trimester

Hi everyone,

I'm 10+2 and for the past couple of days I've had random sharp pains in my pelvis, mainly inside my right hip bone, but the pains have been confined to mainly around the edges of where my uterus would be at the moment. These are short sharpish pains and they're not constant but they seem to come and got through the day.

Now today, when I walk I've been getting a sharp pain on my hip joint, a bit lower than the pains. It feels like quite a muscular pain.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has had this? I have my first midwife appointment on Friday so I'll probably mention it then, but the hip pain when I walk is quite uncomfortable! The pains aren't like cramps and I've had no bleeding/spotting. I also had a scan last week which showed that everything was fine with our beanio.

Kat x


  • Hi Kat

    Congratulations by the way x image)

    I'd mention it to your midwife but I wouldn't have thought it was anything to worry about. I got these alot in the early stages - especially if I got up too quickly or walked too fast. What you have to remember is that everything is changing, growing and moving around in your belly so it's inevitable that you will get some pains. My midwife told me that cramps and sharp pains are normal, but if they last a bit longer then to contact her.

    Hope this helps and good luck

    Hayley x
  • Hi MrsKP

    I'm 12+5 and I have had pains in my hips and legs (especially at night) since about 4 weeks. I mentioned it to my midwife and she explained that it is all to do with our pelvis moving and the increased level of a certain hormone. She told me to take paracetamol if it gets very bad and to lie with a pillow between my knees in bed to try and "set" the pelvis in a certain way.

    Hope this puts your mind at ease slightly!!!

    Take care

  • Thanks for your replies, they have put my mind at ease!

    I'm sorry to hear you've had the pains since so early on Jess - that can't be much fun! I am still a bit weary of taking paracetamol before 12 weeks (despite the fact I'm sure it's absolutely fine) and to be honest the pains aren't bad enough to need them, but if they get any worse I'll bear that in mind!

    I'll mention it to my MW on Friday if they're still bothering me, hopefully they'll have gone by then.

    Thanks again, much appreciated xxx
  • have being expeeriencing something like this also, reading this has provided me with a solution. thanks to u all 

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