Early pregnancy scan at 5-6 weeks - anyone had one?

has anyone had a early pregnancy scan at 5-6 weeks?

fair play to the NHS I panicked about pains I was having and they done a scan very early. They said everything looks fine they showed me the sac but couldn't see the baby inside, But they said it's too early. Is that normal? 



  • yes! are they going to re scan you? 

  • Yes this week

    why would they need to re scan me then 

  • standard procedure a lot can change in a week good luck x

  • Is it really?

    is it perfectly normal to not see the little embryo at 5 weeks? I'm so scared I have wanted this baby for so long 


  • Perfectly normal to not see much at five weeks. The sonographers wouldn't lie to you about it being too early to see anything. They rescan to check it is developing as it should.  It's currently only just over 1mm in size. When they rescan you they should be able to see it progressing and possibly a heart beat depending on age of foetus at next scan. 

  • Ok thank you so much! they said I will return this Friday, For another scan, and they said it's crazy how quick things can develop And that it can grow up to 1cm per week?

    i think I am six weeks today, so by the end of the week we should see something :) fingers crossed! 

  • it happened to me. a desperately wanted baby scan at 5 weeks showed not much one week later... heartbeat and everything goid luck x

  • Awww thank you for reassuring me 

    they could only see a Black sac in my scan

    not even a little dot inside it but they said thats normal at this stage 

    my symptoms are definately getting worse and worse, so obviously the hormone is growing


  • I was supposed to be around 11 weeks, NHS kept pushing my date scan because of understaffing. went for a private, they told me I was only 7 weeks and honestly it was the teeniest little jellybean with a little flutter that they said was the heart but was nothing like what I was expecting so hopefully you’ll see at least a jellybean this time. Also I had a lot of cramping early on, I was told it was just stretching and trapped wind 

  • I got a repeat scan on friday

    its just nuts all they seen was the black sac but no little dot or embryo; but they said that is common at 5 weeks


  • Due to having a previous MC I made an appointment for an early scan, going by my dates I was 8 weeks but they dated me as 6+3. They said that's why they try not to scan too early as sometimes dates can be out by up to 2 weeks and it makes you worried if things aren't what you expect. Are you having another scan? 

  • Hey

    yeah I'm having one today

    but I am so scared I just woke up with brown spotting I haven't had this yet, :( so scared 

  • JLou how did you get on today? Xx

  • All good! they said developing but seen the yolk sac and still not the fetal pole, they reckon I'm more like 5 weeks? anyone had this?

  • Ah how frustrating mine was exactly the same my lmp was 8/5 so that would date me 6w4d today but scan yesterday they said more like 5, did they do bloods? Xxx

  • Hello ladies, sorry I'm getting confused. How can they change the date? If you have regular periods and know when you ovulated/conceived, would it be likely they change the dates? My last AF was on 17 May which would make me 5w 3d today. I am considering a early private scan around 8 weeks but now worried they might change my dates and I won't be able to see much when I go. Good luck to all of you, hope they are all sticky beans! 

  • My periods were regular as clockwork. Last one I had was 28th of february. No idea when I conceived (wasn’t tracking ovulation) but that puts me at 16 weeks + 4 days. 

    Had a private scan, they dated me at 11 weeks + 4 days (to date)which means I must have concieved at a strange time.

    when I had the scan I was supposedly 7 weeks + 3 days and couldn’t see a great deal but was still reassured.

    have NHS dating scan this Wednesday when I’m meant to be either 12 weeks exactly, or 17 weeks 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Mary I’m the same as you. 17 May was first day of last period as well. I had an early scan on Thursday and all looked right for five weeks. Yolk sack and fetal pole and scanning me on 2nd July now to check progressing as it should. Got a very definite bfp on 8th June. Fingers crossed all we’ll next scan. 

  • Hey yes with my first pregnancy I had a scan at 6+5 due to pain but no bleeding and he just looked like a tiny bean that’s all they could see. If ur just 5-6 weeks hard to see much So just bring u back even in a few days they will prob see more 

  • Hi gracesmum,

    no they didnt do blood work! They said that they wouldn't need to if they seen that everything was developing normal, But what I didn't like was the way the woman who performed the ultrasound scan spoke to me, she Said everything looks fine and it's a good sign as you now have a yolk sac and the gestational sac has grown 8mm in 7 days, But if we dont see the fetal pole by next week that's when there's something to worry about? what a thing to say :/

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