Hi everyone
Just wondered what names everyone has gone for? My husband likes Owen for a boy or Charlie and I like both of those. But we cant agree on a girls name! I like Lola, Molly and Carmella (cammie) but husband hates all of those. I have a 4 year old called Abigail Eden but we just call her Abby and we both like the name Annabelle but is that too close to Abigail?


  • I dont think Annabelle and Abigail are to similar. I like Harriet and Eva for girls and Danny for a boy. Its a hard decision!
  • We've gone for Mack for our little boy-people seem to be split as to whether they like it or not, but at the end of the day we've decided its our baby and it just seems like the right name (would be wierd to change it now)

    I love the names Owen and cute

    I dont think Annabelle is too close to Abigail in fact I think Abigaila and Annabelle sound good together. I really like Neve for a girl myself;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • hiya , i have chosen molly or chloe but the babys dad wants kaelen, and for a boy i want charlie but he like josh ... men lol !! xx
  • I mean Abigail and Annbell then btw image (just in case you were wondering);10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • i wanted to name cole mckenzie but babys dad reckoned he sounded like a footie player lol x
  • well i have changed my mind yet again and i really like summer for my lil girl im still working on OH tho i have softened him up by saying he can have chelsea as a middle name if i can have summer lol
    bribe these men girls!!!!
  • i always thought it would be easy to name a baby but its not everything i like OH hates. were def gonna call baby Callum if its a boy but its between Madison and Sophie for a girl really dont know and im due in 5 days.

    donna 39+2
  • Hiya, my daughter goes to playgroup with a little girl called Annabell and her older sister is called Abigail! I think they go really nicely together. xxxxx
  • we both like Ben for a boy and I like Jessica for a girl. i hve to be careful with names cause im a teacher. there are some names i will def NOT have!!!!!!!!
  • We like Mary, Lauren or Hannah for a girl... but have been told the baby is a boy. So far we have come up with Joe, Kane or Ellis. Ellis is our favourite.
    Carleybarley, i think Abby and Annabelle sound lovely together, we have Erin who is almost 9 mnths, and thats why we like Ellis so much, cos they are both E names.
  • To be awkward, personally I do think Abigail and Annabelle are too similar. Although I love both the names, I just dont think they work together...try saying "abigail and annabelle" when you're drunk! Lol!
    I liked Rhianna, Jennifer, Imogen, or Hannah for a girl. I think Charlie and Owen are really nice boys names, good choices! xxx

  • My daughter's called Abigail and when I got home from the hospital after having her, my mum and dad thought her name was Annabelle as that's what they thought my sister said to them over the phone - so I suppose they are pretty similar. I personally love both names though and its completely up to you. Before we knew what this one is (turns out its a boy) we were toying with lots of girls names beginning with A like Antonia, Amelia & Adrianna,and my sister said to me 'why do you want two girls with the same initial' - I didn't agree with her, and I still probably would have gone with one of those names as I like them so much, we're struggling with boys names, the only ones we can agree on so far are Dominic, Alex & Jamie, I really wanted Luke or Matthew but oh doesn't like them!! x
  • I really like Oscar for a boy but husbands parents cat is called Oscar..and they treat it like a baby lol. My husband thinks that Abigail and Annabelle are too similar but then saying that, we call her Abby and would probably end up calling this one Bella. I quite like Poppy..but is it a bit pretentious? My husband is dead set on Owen but I prefer Charlie! I like Lola but my friends little girl is called that. I like Erin too..but what would we call her for short?
  • Have you thought of Charlie for a girl too i think its a really nice name we picked Alfie Jake for a boy and Teigan Sophie for a girl and were having a girly lol Sophie 40+2 xx

  • Hi we have a little boy called Rhys and we are thinking of Rebekah for a girl and Ewan for a boy. Names are so hard Our son was meant to be called Connor but when he came out he didnt llok like one so we choose Rhys.
  • What about Isabella? Or Bella on its own, those are gorgeous names. Poppy isn't pretentious at all, I think it's nice! xxx

  • Well we already have Vicki Louise Ann, Katie Alice, Luke James and Alex John. We have no idea what boys names we like but even thou I'm 11 wks tomoro, I feel I am carrying another girlie - hope so as we have a name already lol Holly Mae.
  • lol ours has! We were dead set on Theo for a boy, then it changed to Charlie and now its Owen and I expect it'll change again soon! I really like Isabella..its just theres alot of them around now. I dont know what to do! we seem pretty ok for boys names..we just need girls names now please!
  • Hey all names Becci, im new to the site.
    Im 31 weeks 5 days pregnant wiht a little boy, my partner and i are struggling to agree on names, so far we have come up with Joshua or Lewys. I love kayden,kyran or harley but partner hates them all. Ne suggestions welcome please
    Really like the name charlie for a boy or girl. xx
  • It really is a hard decision isn't it as this person potentially is going to have to live with the name that we give them for the rest of their lives (unless they hate it that much that they change it via D-Poll)
    I am having a girl and before i found out i had chosen Lucas for a boy but was really struggling for a girls name. not much has changed since and i am now 37+3!!

    I have 3 names: Grace, Amelie and Lily, and hopefully i will be able to out 2 of those names together but at the moment i am not feeling very inspired with any of them. I am hoping that the inspriation will come when i see her LOL!!

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